In our ETF app comparison, we look for the best mobile apps for Android and iOS devices when it comes to investing in so-called exchange traded funds.

We not only select the best app for ETFs, but also present a step-by-step guide on how to get an account with our test winner. We also put the fees and advantages and disadvantages of the offers to the test.

The best ETF app: eToro, Our test winner!

The broker eToro can offer a whole range of advantages. So it should come as no surprise to market experts that we have chosen the Cyprus-based fintech as our test winner in the ETF app category.

A large portfolio of investment assets can be accessed via the mobile application. You can also invest in ETFs via the app or use the desktop platform if required. Basically, the mobile application has pretty much all the functionalities of the browser variant.

The fee structure of eToro is favourable in terms of ETFs and even allows commission-free share trading. Furthermore, you can choose PayPal as a deposit method and the trading variety is also convincing. Even cryptocurrencies can be bought and deposited in a separate wallet.

Four steps to the best app for ETFs

1. registration with eToro

In the first step of registration, it is still advisable to use the desktop. After all, you will have to provide some information and then verify it with a photo ID. This is simply easier to do using the keyboard. Personal data such as name, email and a password are requested, but also financial knowledge.

2. first deposit with eToro

Theoretically, you could already go to the respective app store to download the best ETF app for iPhone or the best ETF app for Android devices, depending on the device. However, it is recommended to make the first deposit directly in the course of the registration.

In this way, you avoid waiting times later on and can start investing directly via the ETF app.

In terms of payment diversity, eToro puts various service providers in the shade. From bank transfer to Sofortüberweisung and PayPal, the most common methods of action are covered here.

Payment option


ETF trading with credit card


ETF Trading with PayPal


ETF Trading with SOFORT Bank Transfer


ETF Trading Rapid Transfer


ETF Trading with Skrill


ETF trading with bank transfer


ETF trading with Neteller


ETF Trading with UnionPay


3. download ETF App

eToro has thought of Apple users as well as the numerous Android users. And so you can install your best ETF app on your iPhone or search for the best ETF app in the Android store.

The application is completely free to download and should run smoothly on all modern smartphones and tablets. Now log in with the previously set login details and you are ready for the big world of trading at eToro.

4. invest in ETFs via app

Now the time has finally come. Navigate within the application to the desired ETF. The selection includes 190 different financial products. Various copy portfolios from the field of social trading also use exchange traded funds.

Clicking on an ETF product opens a wealth of information on the asset. The many comments from other investors are particularly interesting. Now you can study the information for intensive research or navigate directly to the investment using the “trade” button.

Theoretically, you can also open your position as a CFD. This makes high-risk short-selling possible, for example.

What is an ETF?

Before we delve deeper into the comparison of the best apps for ETFs, let’s take a look at the financial product itself. ETF is an abbreviation for the English term Exchange Traded Funds. Literally translated, this means funds that can be traded on stock exchanges.

The classic ETFs consist of values that are mapped by means of an index. This means that you can not only bet on one German company, but for example invest in the entire DAX with just one financial product.

Meanwhile, ETFs come in different shapes and colours. Some funds are dedicated to investment areas, such as hydrogen ETFs, while others focus on specific regions. Anyone who wants to invest in ETFs via app can therefore think about personal investment preferences in advance.

Is it worth investing in ETFs?

ETFs are considered relatively low-risk financial products. This is due to the diversification of the assets represented by the fund. Instead of taking on the risk of a single share, one spreads it over hundreds of different assets.

The question of how worthwhile such an ETF is depends on the one hand, of course, on the yield achieved, but also on the investment objective. For example, ETFs are particularly suitable for investors who want to build up a portfolio for retirement provision over time.

How can you recognise a good app for ETFs?

It is said to be the best app for ETFs if you want to invest in ETFs.

But how can you tell what the best ETF app is? Comparing the offers is not a matter of course.

Rather, one must be guided by various factors that speak for or against the respective application.

In the following we have listed the most important criteria that determine whether you can call the best ETF app for iPhone or Android your own.

  • Simple usability of the ETF app
  • All functions of the desktop platform available
  • Good technical implementation
  • Favourable fee structure
  • European licence
  • Demo account

1. large selection of different ETFs

There are some online brokers who offer ETFs but keep the selection very limited. So it may be considered an advantage if one’s own ETF app has a whole range of available investment options.

Only in this way can one flexibly differentiate between investment themes and develop one’s own strategies. Ideally, the ETFs are then supplemented by other assets.

2. fees & costs

For the modern investor, paying the lowest possible fees is a matter of course. Fintechs from the 21st century have long since caught up with the big banks and regularly undercut each other with low-price models in the investment area.

Our ETF App test winner eToro even shines with a particularly favourable fee model. In fact, the broker does not charge any trading fees for both shares and ETFs. Commissions are limited to crypto, CFDs and other assets.

So we compare the fees of the largest brokers with the following example:

  • Purchase of ETFs worth €1,000
  • Holding the ETFs for one month and selling them afterwards
  • No price changes in the 30 days

With these assumptions we now compare the fees of Libertex, eToro & Plus500:






free of charge

free of charge

free of charge

Purchase fees




Holding fees

free of charge

free of charge


Sales charges





free of charge



Total fees




3. functions and features

The best ETF app should have sufficient functions. This includes, for example, a good overview of the assets, but also statistics, news and more. In the best case, you are dealing with a specialist who also extends his functional range to social trading.

In addition, a demo account is desirable and a watch list with which one can observe one’s desired ETFs for a longer period of time.





iOS & Android




Apple Watch compatible




Real-time charts




Price alerts








Mobile Trading


Account management




Demo account




4. immediate access to the money deposited

Have you ever registered with a trading platform, deposited funds and been unable to access your own capital and start investing immediately? For motivated traders, there is hardly a greater annoyance, especially when it comes to urgent trading needs.

The immediate access to your own money is primarily related to the payment options. So make sure that your ETF app has transaction options such as Sofortüberweisung or PayPal. These service providers ensure that only a few seconds pass between deposit and availability in the account.

Deposit options




Credit cards








Instant bank transfer














Bank transfer








5. user-friendliness

It has long been known among developers of mobile applications that the app should be operated as intuitively as possible. When using the app, the user should not have to ask himself how it is possible to invest in ETFs via the app.

Accordingly, user-friendliness should not be underestimated. When it comes to chart viewing or researching individual information, for example, you don’t want to waste time with complications in user guidance. Time is money and this should also play a role when choosing your own ETF app.

6. customer service & support

Sometimes you just need a friendly staff member and helper. The urge for support can have very different reasons, be it technical questions about the ETF app itself or challenges with the account.

You are well advised to choose a provider who keeps the communication channel open at all times. Ideally, you can use a live chat. Otherwise, it is an advantage if you can use a telephone number to contact an employee directly. At least a contact form or an e-mail address should be available.

It is often worthwhile to study existing FAQs.

The best ETFs app offers a wide selection

We have already mentioned it several times in this ETF app comparison: a large selection of investment options in the ETF area means a big plus for the respective application.

Our test winner eToro enables investors to invest cost-effectively in a wide range of topics via ETFs.

Shares ETFs

As the name of the equity ETFs suggests, the corresponding funds are composed entirely of equities. Regional stocks, for example, can be wonderfully combined in order to invest broadly in Chinese stocks or US stocks, among others.

But also companies that are active in certain thematic areas can be combined with each other like in a pool. One example is water shares.

Real Estate ETFs (REIT ETFs)

In most cases, real estate ETFs are also based on shares. Through them, you can invest in real estate even if you do not own your own house or flat.

In fact, for many, real estate and REIT ETFs are the only real way to invest in the real estate market. In the meantime, house and flat prices have risen so much, especially in large German cities, that the simple investor prefers to fall back on broadly diversified financial products in which he can also invest online via an app.

Commodities ETFs

Commodities are not only interesting for industry. Global finance has also long since recognised that there is real money to be made here.

Commodities can also be traded directly, but they then carry the risk that, for example, oil would suddenly have to be placed in warehouses when a certain financial contract expires.

CFDs, on the other hand, are considered highly risky and are thus certainly not suitable for every prospective investor. Commodity ETFs therefore offer a successful solution. With moderate risk, it is possible to invest in gold companies, for example.

Bonds ETFs

Bonds are an asset class in their own right. You really have to know your stuff to be able to take profits here, even in the short term. But this is always possible. So why not leave the task to a shrewd fund manager who stocks the corresponding exchange-traded fund with bonds.

Alternative ETFs

ETFs are now probably among the most popular investment assets of all. Financial managers all over the world are therefore constantly trying to develop new funds. For example, there is always talk of a Bitcoin ETF.

They may be pushed into the category of alternative ETFs.

However, supervisory authorities are particularly sensitive to new products on the market. This is also the reason why there are still no or hardly any offers for certain investment areas. This also applies to the crypto market, for example.

Conclusion: The best investment app for iPhone and Android

We have taken a close look at the best ETF apps on the market. The clear test winner is eToro.

Via the mobile application of the Cypriot broker, you can access a whole 190 different ETF offers. The functions are extremely flexible and range from a demo account to social trading.

The best ETF app can be used for both Android and iPhones. However, the existing fee structure, which allows trading with real ETFs without commissions, is particularly attractive.

You really don’t find that too often in the market.

Frequently asked questions about ETF apps:

What is an ETF App?

An ETF app allows you to invest in so-called exchange-traded funds. It should be possible to download it free of charge from the usual app stores. In addition, users should pay attention to a European licence.

What apps are available for ETFs?

In our comparison of the best ETF apps, we have focused on trading applications. Of course, there may also be one or two informal apps, but users will mainly want to invest in ETFs via app. In particular, eToro’s offer is convincing, even if brokers such as Consorsbank or Libertex have alternative offers.

What is the best ETF app?

The trading app from eToro wins the test of the best ETF apps. A large selection of funds and, above all, the low-cost trading experience with commission-free trading ensure this top position.

Where can I download the best ETFs app?

The best ETF app from eToro can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This is completely free of charge.