Buy Waves 2020 – The Waves Coin Guide

Since 2016, there is a 2nd generation cryptocurrency: Waves. Here you can find out how and where to best buy Waves!

The special feature: unlike first-generation cryptos (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.), Waves uses the Proof of Stake mining concept. Here, the blockchain is not solved by solving mathematical puzzles but by providing Waves.

That’s why you can find important information here about which exchanges are available and whether you can also get WAVES Coins with PayPal, SOFORT-Überweisung and Co.

Buying Waves: What to look out for

Since Waves has some differences to Bitcoin in terms of infrastructure, mining as well as scalability, there are also some differences when buying. Above all, one should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Where is the best place to buy Waves?
  • Do I want to hold Waves for the long term, use it for IoT applications or speculate on the share price?
  • How does a Waves Wallet work and which one do I need?
  • Is it worth investing in Waves?

How to buy Waves: Guide in three steps

If you have decided to buy Waves, we will now show you in detail how to get Waves into your portfolio. We use the broker Binance for this, as it stands out from the crowd in terms of costs, speed and user-friendliness. However, as with all other providers, you cannot buy Waves directly. However, our test winner offers the possibility to buy Bitcoin and exchange it directly into Waves.

  1. Registering with a broker

    First, you register with a broker.First we click on the Binance registration link and then on Register at the top right.In the form, you enter your e-mail OR mobile phone number and a password and accept the terms and conditions: We then receive an email or SMS for verification, in which we click on the link to confirm the account.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

  2. Buy Bitcoin to exchange them for Waves

    After you have confirmed your email, you will automatically be taken to the welcome field. Here you click on the field Or simply just Buy crypto with your credit card, i.e. on the last of 3 fields. If you already have cryptocurrencies on a wallet, you can also click on Deposit Crypto and deposit your cryptos here. You will then automatically be taken to the purchase field for cryptocurrencies. Here you can choose from various options. To buy Bitcoin with a credit card or P2P Trading, select these options. If you want to choose another option (other options in the list below), select Other Payments.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

  3. Convert Bitcoin to Waves

    If we have now bought Bitcoin, we can start with the actual purchase of waves. To do this, we click on the BTC/EUR field at the top left or on the other pair that is displayed in the top left corner. Then we move the mouse over it and enter Waves under Margin. Now go to the upper right corner to the tab Place order. Here you can now exchange your purchased Bitcoin for Waves. To do this, select the number of Bitcoin and then press Buy Waves. There are various options for buying waves on Binance: 1. Limit: You enter your limit for the maximum price you would like to buy Waves for. This means that you could also buy Waves at a lower price.2. Market: With a market purchase, you always buy Waves at the current value. So not a cent cheaper or more expensive than the current market value. Stop limit: Here you set an upper and lower limit. This means that if Waves falls above or below the entered value, the order expires. Subsequently, we have the Waves in our portfolio, the purchase is complete!u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and more

In our example we show the purchase with credit card. However, Binance also offers other deposit options:

Payment optionpossible?
Buy Waves with credit card 
Buy Waves with PayPal 
Buy Waves with bank transfer 
Buy Waves with P2P Trading 
Buy Waves with Koinal 
Buy Waves with SOFORT Bank Transfer 
Buy Waves with Banxa 
Buy Waves with iDeal 

To buy Waves or not?

Should you buy Waves or not? This is not a simple question. First of all, it must be noted that Waves is up against a whole squad of well-known competitors. Can Waves really prevail against Ethereum, Steem, Tezos & Co. Only time will tell. In any case, the promise of a Web 3.0 that will completely replace the existing web seems far too euphemistic. For the time being, there is nothing to suggest that Wave’s competitors will not survive the coming years – but Waves will.

It is therefore up to the investor to decide whether he or she believes in the success of Waves. There are many reviews on the internet that suggest investing in the platform.

In addition, it is important for your investment decision to look at the state of the cryptocurrency market. After the slump that followed the great Bitcoin hype of winter 2017/2018, some analysts were of the opinion that the cryptocurrency market would not recover from its crisis. For a long time, there was a bear market in which no cryptocurrency gained significantly in value. On the contrary, prices plummeted for a full year, only going lower and lower.

That has changed in the meantime: Since the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin & Co. are once again in the new trend. The Bitcoin price is rising and with it the prices of other cryptocurrencies. That this trend continues is an important prerequisite for the success of future investments. Is investing in cryptocurrencies still worthwhile? We have taken a closer look at this question in an analysis.

We believe in the success of cryptocurrencies and that investments will continue to pay off. Because the new technologies enable solutions that society needs. In one form or another, cryptocurrencies will certainly find broad application.

Pros and cons of Waves Investment

Fast – secure – flexible: Waves’ specially developed blockchain uses the WavesNG protocol and a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, relies on open source and does without gas – the fuel that is needed to run dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, for example. Waves promises particularly favourable fees. By operating a node, investors can participate in the confirmation of transactions and are rewarded for this via the network. The clients for these nodes can be downloaded from the Google Store.

The cryptocurrencies developed on the Waves platform are immediately offered on their own decentralised exchange: The Exhange Waves DEX thus offers a good and simple solution for both buying Waves and investing in one of the ICOs initiated on the platform.

Waves was launched in 2015 by a small team of developers around Sascha Ivanov and Alexander Chepurnoy. In 2016, Waves came to media attention when it was able to collect around 30,000 Bitcoin in the course of a crowdfunding campaign. At the time, this corresponded to a sum of around 15 million US dollars.

Buy Waves now at Binance

  • Cheapest provider on the market
  • No verification necessary
  • Over 170 different cryptocurrencies
  • Very fast transaction speed
  • App for Android and iOS with integrated wallet

What are the fees for buying Waves?

To make the fees comparable when buying Waves, let’s take the following example:

  • We would like to buy €1,000 worth of Waves
  • We would like to hold the WAVES for one day and then pay out again in euros to our account
  • For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume that the exchange rate does not change

With these assumptions, we now go through the fees of the largest providers:

Purchase fees0,1%
Exchange fees0,1% (x2)
Sales charges0,1%
Total fees4,01€

Waves Wallets: Which wallets are useful for storage after purchase?

Is a wallet required for trading with Waves? Not necessarily. On the decentralised exchange Waves DEX, which is part of the project, it is possible to store your Waves on your account. However, we strongly advise you to use your own wallet. Exchanges are always central data hubs that are attractive to attackers. Moreover, exchanges can also go bankrupt. If that happens, there is no guarantee that you will keep your Waves. Also, due to the lack of regulation, there is no form of investor protection for investments in cryptocurrencies. With your own Waves wallet, you are definitely on the safer side.

The Waves project has its own wallet that you can download from the App Store for both Apple and Android devices. You can find it under this link.

Historical Waves Course: Important Milestones in the History of Waves

The cryptocurrency has already had some highs and lows. We show the most important milestones in the history of Waves.

  1. Release of the first wave coins for €0.96, after which they fall directly to ~20 cents and remain there constantly until May 2017.
  2. Waves announces that they want to continue working on their protocol and implement the fastest blockchain ever. This jumps the value from ~30 cents to over 5€.
  3. From July to December 2017, a cooperation with the multinational service provider Deloitte and companies such as MobileGo and Primalbase led to an upward and downward trend of between €2 and €4. However, these proved to be of little significance.
  4. Completion & implementation of the Waves NG protocol in December 2017 with a fabulous price increase to 15.27€. However, the coin was not accepted by the market and therefore quickly fell back to around 3€.
  5. After a rapid downhill ride, the Waves development team founded the Vostok project to create a private blockchain. Here the market hoped that this could be related to Waves. After the announcement that this was not the case, the share price dropped from ~€7 to ~€2.
  6. The registration of Waves in the Swiss commercial register on 20 November 2018 pushed the share price up to just under €4, with it settling at around €3.
  7. On 18 April 2019, almost 500,000 waves (90% of the market volume at the time) were sold on the crypto giant, causing the price to plummet to below one cent. However, the price almost completely recovered within one day.
  8. Registration as a non-profit association and bundling of activities cause the share to rise briefly from 80 cents to 1.30€.
  9. The inclusion of several crypto betting providers from Waves is now causing the share to rise constantly again due to its speed.

Alternatives to Waves: buy other cryptocurrencies or shares

To buy Waves or not? Waves is taking on strong competitors, including the likes of Ethereum and Steem, by creating a platform where individuals and startups can develop their own decentralised applications (dApps). This makes ICOs possible on the platform. The low-energy Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm gives Waves an edge over Ethereum in some respects, but other competitors (such as Tezos) can also claim this. Thus, Waves lacks clear unique selling points. Nevertheless, the project is definitely interesting.

Alternative 1: Opportunities in the area of cryptocurrencies

Apart from that, there are also other cryptocurrencies that definitely have potential:

  • Buy Bitcoin: The top dog among cryptocurrencies is considered by many to be the “digital gold” and one of the most stable cryptos.
  • Buy Ripple: With the support of many banks, Ripple is a good alternative to Waves
  • Buy Ethereum: Ethereum is the solution for smart contracts and takes a broadly similar approach to Waves

Alternative 2: Crypto shares

Another alternative is crypto stocks: chip manufacturers, mining companies and even the Bitcoin Group have been able to post strong gains so far.

  • Bitcoin Shares: For those who think Bitcoin will outperform Waves, Bitcoin Shares are a good alternative
  • NVIDIA shares: NVIDIA produces important graphics chips especially for mining – if the crypto boom continues, NVIDIA is certainly a good investment

Buy Waves: FAQs

  1. How to invest in Waves?

    How to buy Waves? Waves can be bought for real money or cryptocurrencies on the platforms described above. We recommend buying Waves through our test winner..u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  2. Can I buy Waves with a credit card?

    Yes, that is possible. You can buy Waves with a credit card at our test winner, for example, by first purchasing Bitcoin there and then exchanging it for Waves on another exchange. Alternatively, you can use the decentralised exchange Waves DEX, which also accepts credit cards.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  3. Is Waves trading possible with Paypal?

    Buying Waves with Paypal is also possible via the diversions via eToro or Plus500.Read our instructions further up this page.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  4. Will Waves continue to grow in value?

    Buy Waves now, is it worth it? Only time will tell. Experts disagree about what the future holds for cryptocurrencies. We think it is likely that the market will recover in the near future – and Bitcoin will write new records again. When that happens, Waves is also likely to gain in value.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  5. Do I need a Waves Wallet?

    Not mandatory, but we recommend it.A wallet protects you from eventualities such as the unexpected insolvency of your exchange platform.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  6. Can I use my Bitcoin Wallet?

    That depends on whether your wallet also supports the cryptocurrency Waves. If in doubt, it is advisable to ask the provider directly. Most wallets now support several coins. However, we are not aware of a Bitcoin wallet that also supports Waves.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  7. What is the best way to invest in Waves?

    We recommend our test winner for shopping Waves.You can't buy Waves directly here, but you can buy Bitcoin very securely and conveniently and then exchange it for Waves on another exchange.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

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