The cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) started in 2014 under the name DogecoinDark (DOGED) before being renamed in 2016.

Verge is based on Bitcoin and, like its big brother, is a decentralised open-source currency that is said to be particularly well suited to disguising the identity of those who trade with Verge.

According to Verge, this is achieved with the help of the TOR network and the network layer I2P. Like Bitcoin, Verge follows the peer-to-peer principle.

Buying Verge: What to look out for

Buying Verge is not for speculators: We at now explain the easiest way to buy Verge. Before doing so, however, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the best place to buy the Verge? Our recommendation is Binance.
  • Do you want to trade Verge or use it as an investment? That depends on personal preference.
  • How do Verge Wallets work? Quite simply, storing with Binance is easy.
  • Is it worth investing in Verge? The Verge Coin is showing a lot of movement and a breakout could be imminent.

The Verge Purchase – Popular Options

If you want to buy Verge, you will find out below what options you have.

We will introduce you to two major providers and guide you through the process step by step.

We then show you a range of alternatives to buy Verge, evaluate Verge as an investment and explain the Verge Wallet!

Buy Verge with Binance in 3 steps

If you already own Bitcoin or Ether, you can simply transfer them from your wallet to Binance.We'll show you the quickest way to get your hands on Verge: Buying Verge with Binance is quick and easy, but requires that you already have your own Bitcoin or Ether.If not, follow the links to buy some.

  1. Register

    Buy Verge at Binance: First create an account via this link. After you have entered your data, you will receive an activation link by email. Use the link in the email to confirm your account. If you wish, you can now set up two-factor authentication to better protect your account. We generally advise this: A plus in security can pay for itself one day. However, this option is also available to you later. Buying Verge without verification is possible at Binance.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

  2. Deposit

    Now transfer an amount to Binance. To do this, click on Funds u003e Deposits in the Binance header and select the currency you are transferring. You will then receive an address to which you can deposit your coins. You send your coins to this address. At Binance, waiting times of 30 minutes and more are not uncommon. Therefore, expect some waiting time. You can track the progress of your transfer under Order Management u003e Order History. Tip 1: Transfers in Ether are usually faster than those in Bitcoin. In addition, the transfer fees for Ether are significantly cheaper. Tip 2: We recommend that you only transfer a small amount at first. When the amount arrives and you can be sure that everything works as desired, you can transfer your full desired amount.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

  3. Trade Verge

    After your transfer has arrived at Binance, you can now start the exchange. To do this, click on Exchange u003e Basic in the header.Then click on BTC or ETH at the top right – depending on which currency you transferred to your Binance account. Select the appropriate currency pair with Verge (XVG) from the list. If you have done everything correctly, XVG will now appear at the bottom above the Buy – Sell box, as in our screenshot: To buy Verge, you have to pay with BTC or ETH. Enter the desired XVG amount in the purchase screen. If you want, you can specify at what price you want to buy your Verge. To do this, click on Limit above the input mask and enter your price in the input mask. Then click on Buy XVG. As soon as the market value you set is reached, your cryptocurrency is automatically exchanged for Verge. Alternatively, you can use the current market price. Instead of clicking on Limit, click on Market and then on Buy XVG. Your Verge should then appear in your balance within a while.Tips Tip 1: Buying Verge at Binance is particularly cheap: Binance only charges a small fee for trading between different cryptocurrencies. If you purchase a small amount of Binance's own currency BNB and check the Pay transaction fees in BNB box in your profile, Binance will give you a 25% discount on these fees. Tip 2: To exchange your Verge back into BTC or ETH, simply follow steps 1-3 again and this time use the Sell input screen instead of the Buy box.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

Binance Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Cheapest provider on the market
  • Very good interface
  • Fast and effective
  • Serves a huge number of cryptocurrencies (incl. Verge)
  • Compatible with various browsers, Android, HTML5, WeChat and other platforms.
  • Very fast transaction speed
  • Too little trading option (only supports “limit” and “market” oders)
  • Headquarters in Hong Kong
  • Not very beginner-friendly

Buy Verge with AnycoinDirect in 3 steps

Dutch exchange AnycoinDirect enables a quick and uncomplicated entry into trading with cryptocurrencies.

Here you can get your first Verge in just 15 minutes. Just follow our step-by-step instructions for buying Verge with instant transfer or SEPA.

On AnycoinDirect you can buy many other coins besides Verge.

A special feature of AnycoinDirect is that the platform sends your coins directly to your wallet after receipt of payment. So before you can get started, you first need a wallet for Verge. We recommend the official Verge wallet.

Buying Verge at AnycoinDirect is easy. We show you how it works:

Step 1: Registration

Of course, the first step is to register on the platform. The required information includes your full name, your place of residence, your email address and a password of your choice.

Step 2: Verification

Buying Verge without verification is unfortunately not possible on AnycoinDirect.

AnycoinDirect also regulates how much money you can spend.

It uses a level system with five levels. After registering, you are on level 1. Although you can already buy your first coins, your trading is subject to weekly buying and selling limits.

For example, at the lowest level you can buy crypto coins via instant transfer for a maximum of €250 per week.

On the other hand, at the highest level (level 5), the purchase limit via instant bank transfer is €25,000 per week. To increase the limits, it is advisable to start directly with the verification.

The limits on AnycoinDirect can protect you from spending too much money in a hurry. Because of the tier system, you have to regularly check your investment. Of course, this can be annoying, but it can also prevent you from losing a lot of money.

Purchase limit- Payment method: SOFORT*

Level24 hoursWeeklyTransactions/24 hours
Level 1100€250€2
Level 2400€1000€3
Level 31000€1500€4
Level 41500€5000€5
Level 5500€*25000€8
  • To get to level 1, all you need is an account with AnycoinDirect.
  • To get to level 2, you must have completed a successful first order. After that, at least seven days must pass. You also need to confirm your mobile phone number.
  • To get to level 3, your successful first order must have been made at least fourteen days ago. You must also upload a copy of your identity card or passport.
  • To get to level 4, your successful first order must have been made at least fourteen days ago. You must also upload proof of residence. This must clearly show your name, address and a current date (no older than three months).
  • To get to level 5, you must have mastered the previous levels. Then a video verification is required. Those who want to buy cryptocurrency with their business account must also have a Chamber of Commerce document verified. Add the user ‘live:25c52d9894125f80’ to your Skype contact list and send a simple message. Once the video call is up and running, you will need to show the same ID document or passport that you used for level 3.

To initiate the step-by-step verification, click on your profile at the top right and select “Account”.

On your account page you will find the option “Upgrade” on the left under the green “Level 1” badge. Click here and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Buy Verge

We will first assume here that you have not yet fully verified yourself and have a level 1 account.

Click on Buy in the header at the top of the page and select Verge. You can now use various payment methods to buy Verge with AnycoinDirect, but the most convenient is probably instant bank transfer.

Depending on your financial institution, it may take 1-2 business days to process.

In addition to the instant bank transfer, you can also use the SEPA bank transfer. In order to be able to use this, however, you must first upload an identity document to the site.

By the way, this also works if your account only has level 1. To do this, go to your account page as described above and click on “Upgrade”.

Now enter your desired amount and (inevitably) stick to your level-related buy limit.

Click on “Select your bank account”, select “New bank account” and follow the simple instructions to verify your bank account.

Once you have done this, all you need now is your Verge Wallet address. Enter it in the mask. Then you can scroll down a little on the same page, check the “Accept terms of use” box and click on “Buy Verge”.

Congratulations: you managed to buy Verge!

AnycoinDirect Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Good selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Many payment options
  • Buy cryptocurrencies with Sofortüberweisung and SEPA
  • European Stock Exchange
  • Very user friendly
  • Moderate fees
  • Payment only possible with Euro
  • Wallet mandatory
  • Buy and sell limits

Verge Trading Alternatives


In the following, we look for possible alternatives that are suitable for trading with Verge. The Changelly platform offers you the option to buy bitcoin with a credit card.

Once you have done this, you can then exchange your Bitcoin for energy on Changelly.

Other coins can also be traded against each other on this platform in a very quick and easy way.

In this respect, Changelly is a good alternative to Binance for the purchase of Verge, but also in general.

Buying Verge directly with a credit card is not possible, but it is not difficult via the small diversions.


You can also buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum with your credit card on CEX.

Unfortunately, Verge is not listed on the platform.

CEX is suitable as an entry point for your first investment in Bitcoin, Ether or one of the other currencies offered here: To buy Verge, however, you will have to transfer your coins to a platform that offers Verge.

We then recommend Binance or AnycoinDirect for this step.

To invest in Verge or not?

Verge has no unique selling point that clearly distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies.

Even if the company likes to claim it: Verge is not the best privacy coin on the market. After several major thefts by hackers, Verge cannot claim to be a particularly secure cryptocurrency either.

On the other hand, the fast speed of transactions with Verge, which is thanks to Simple Payment Verification (SPV) – Verge even promises transactions within 30 seconds – should be emphasised positively.

In addition, the developers cooperate a lot with their community. Anyone who wants to be actively involved in an open-source project might therefore like Verge.

Verge is a deflationary coin, which means that the distribution of coins to miners is limited and that the value may one day develop positively for this reason. On the other hand, a lot of Verge coins are already in circulation, so it is questionable whether a shortage is to be expected due to too high demand.

A special feature, after all, is the cooperation with the internet pornography provider Mindgeek, which owns the portals RedTube, YouPorn and PornHub. Because of this partnership, success depends at least in part on the success of these portals.

Verge Investment: Pros and Cons

The bottom line is that we can only give a very cautious recommendation. Those looking for a way to diversify their portfolio may consider investing in Verge. Those looking for a strong privacy coin, on the other hand, are probably better off with alternatives such as Monero or ZCash.

Other ways to buy Verge

Buy Verge with credit card

Kryptoszene points out below which payment methods you can use to purchase the cryptocurrency you want. Although Verge cannot be bought directly with a credit card, it can be bought indirectly: To buy Verge with a credit card, you can first buy Bitcoin or Ether with a credit card on Challengy, for example.

You will then need to transfer your BTC or ETH to an exchange that offers Verge, for example Binance or AnycoinDirect. This diversions also works on the popular exchange platform Coinbase.

Although Coinbase does not have the cryptocurrency Verge in its programme, it does let you buy Bitcoin with a credit card, for example.

Again, if you want to get in with a credit card, you can get in here, but you’ll have to transfer your Bitcoin or Ether to another exchange to exchange it for Verge.

Buy Verge with Paypal

Unfortunately, we don’t know of any exchange where you can buy Verge with Paypal.

Paypal plays only a very minor role on the stock exchanges, which is related to the company’s guarantee provisions.

Paypal is a great payment method: for example, fees are only charged if you top up your Paypal account via your credit card instead of via SEPA or an instant transfer.

You will then be charged a flat rate of €0.35 for the transfer and a 1.9% fee on the amount sent. Paypal offers one of the easiest payment methods on the internet, and not only that: also one of the cheapest!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t get you anywhere in this case.

Buy Verge with Sofortüberweisung

Sofortüberweisung is an invention of the Swedish company Klarna and is a very widespread payment option on the internet – you are probably already familiar with it.

With Sofortüberweisung, the merchant or service provider of your choice receives your payment immediately, so that you can get your goods very quickly and easily.

To use them, you must have access to online banking at your bank. Also have your individual account information ready.

Follow the simple instructions and enter your account number or username and your PIN for online banking in the prompt.

Fortunately, it is possible to buy Verge with instant bank transfer: for example, on the crypto exchange AnycoinDirect, which we presented above, this option is available to you.

Many other crypto exchanges now also offer the instant transfer option on their platforms. To complete the transaction, you need a TAN. This prevents phishing and other misuse of your account information.

Verge at with instant bank transfer

A good alternative to the crypto exchanges mentioned is the platform

Here, buying Verge is possible with Sofortüberweisung. Verge can also be purchased on this exchange via SEPA transfer. To do this, you need an account, which you have to verify step by step – just like on other platforms.

Once you’ve done that, you can specify how many Verge you want to buy and then complete the trade quickly and easily using the payment method of your choice.

This works in a very similar way to AnycoinDirect. To Verge with instant transfer on, you first need a Verge wallet.

If you already have this, simply enter your wallet address in the field provided and complete the transaction.

Trade Verge with or without a wallet?

Wondering if you need a wallet for Verge?

Then the answer is no: Depending on which exchange you purchase Verge on, you are free to leave your coins on your exchange account.

However, by doing so, you become highly dependent on the stock market: if it goes into crisis, your coins are quickly gone.

There are also a number of exchanges where Verge can only be bought if you have a wallet.

Anyone who values flexibility as much as security is guaranteed to be well advised to get a Verge wallet.

We recommend using the official Verge wallet. To create a wallet for Verge, visit the official website and follow the instructions.

Verge Token – An eventful history

In 2018, Verge partnered with Mindgeek, a provider of internet pornography.

Since then, services such as subscriptions can be paid for with the cryptocurrency on Mindgeek’s portals Pornhub, Redtube and YouPorn. It is not easy to understand why Verge had to collect 3 million US dollars to conclude this partnership. In any case, the crowdsale set up for this purpose was successful.

Verge wants to stand out from the competition with a focus on protecting its users.

However, others have already come up with this idea: Monero, Dash and ZCash follow the same principle.

Verge claims to be “the privacy coin that best lives up to its name”. However, Verge is less scrupulous about the anonymity of its users than Monero, for example.

Strictly speaking, there is not much that distinguishes the coin from others. This also shows that statements by the development team should not be blindly trusted. Anyone who wants to buy a privacy coin would be well advised to take a close look at the alternatives.

The crypto scene recommendation: Buy Verge from the test winner

Verge has a turbulent history on the stock exchange.

After digital expert John McAfee explicitly praised Verge in 2017, the price virtually exploded: “Coins like Monero, Verge or Zcash can’t lose,” he wrote on Twitter.

Verge increased in value by around 800% within a very short time – a good example of how sensitively prices generally react to news.

Verge then ranked 15th in terms of market capitalisation according to Coinmarketcap.

However, when large-scale hacker attacks on Verge became known shortly afterwards and McAfee again denied his tweet, the share price plummeted again. It is not known whether McAfee itself has invested in Verge.

By the end of November 2018, the currency ranked only 46th.

Buy Verge: FAQs

  1. How to invest in Verge?

    There are a number of options to choose from. For example, we recommend exchanging Verge for other cryptocurrencies with Binance or buying Verge directly for real money with AnycoinDirect.You can find detailed instructions for both crypto exchanges in the text above.

  2. Can I buy Verge with a credit card?

    No, unfortunately not directly. It is only possible to buy Verge indirectly with a credit card. To do this, you have to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on another platform with your credit card and then transfer them to one of the exchanges that offer Verge. Bitcoin can be bought with a credit card at the crypto scene test winner, Changelly or Coinbase, for example. We have explained this for you in more detail at the top of the text.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  3. Is Verge trading possible with Paypal?

    Unfortunately, no, none of the exchanges we know of offers the option to buy Verge with Paypal. In general, this means of payment is unfortunately not widespread in the cryptosphere.One exception is the online broker eToro. However, it does not offer Verge.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  4. What is the difference between a broker and an exchange?

    Options brokers only use cryptocurrencies as assets, while exchanges enable the direct trading of values. So if you want to buy Verge, you can't avoid a crypto exchange.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  5. Will Verge continue to grow in value?

    That is written in the stars. After all, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Verge can be actively used as a means of payment thanks to a partnership with the pornography provider Mindgeek.Whether Verge can develop further in value will also depend on whether it can land other partnerships. Currently, we see no signs that Verge could achieve relevant growth in the short term.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  6. Do I need a Verge Wallet?

    Not necessarily. You can trade on exchanges like Binance or Coinbase without a Verge wallet. However, a wallet is mandatory for purchasing on AnycoinDirect or So it depends. Because wallets significantly increase the security of your investment, we generally recommend opting for a wallet.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  7. Can I use my Bitcoin Wallet?

    This depends on whether the wallet explicitly supports Verge. If in doubt, please contact the provider of your wallet with this question. In principle, the choice of wallet service is decisive for this. More and more providers also support multiple coins with their wallets.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

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