Buy Vechain with Credit Card, SEPA or PayPal – 2021 Guide

Buy Vechain with Credit Card, SEPA or PayPal – 2021 Guide

If you want to buy Vechain, then you are targeting a cryptocurrency that wants to gain its value through users’ activities in the digital currency system. At least, that is the official explanation of the Vechain development team.

Of course, this is only half the truth, since you can also trade the coin regularly. Here, the price is determined by supply and demand. On this page you will find all the necessary information on buying Vechain and tips and tricks on VET trading.

It also becomes clear that as an inexperienced trader, you will first have to search a little to find a suitable provider for the relevant trading.

Vechain is based in the Thor network and is one of the well-known, but still not very large cryptos on the market. Accordingly, trading activity is not quite as high as with the large digital currencies Bitcoin or Ethereum. Nevertheless, high volatilities occur time and again, which could certainly offer opportunities for shrewd investors.

Buying Vechain for Beginners in Three Steps

After a little research, we find that it is certainly possible to buy Vechain. We recommend the CFD broker Libertex, which has the cryptocurrency in its repertoire and offers derivatives for trading.

The advantage of our test winner is an official licence from the European Union, which is particularly important in the crypto sector. Other exchanges have no regulation and expose users to unnecessary risk.

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to register. This is completely uncomplicated by clicking on the “Register” button. Now enter your e-mail address, select a password and tick the corresponding boxes.

Now confirm the e-mail address in your own mailbox and you’re ready to go.

Step 2: Deposit

There are various options for making a deposit. Buying vechain via instant transfer, for example, is likely to be particularly interesting, as investors are likely to be reminded of home online banking here and have funds at their disposal in a matter of seconds.

Otherwise, you can also use your credit card, Skrill and Neteller, Trustly or the usual bank transfer.

Step 3: Buy Vechain

If the account has credit, you can buy vechain.

It has already been explained that Libertex is a CFD broker. In this respect, the rules for trading corresponding derivatives must be observed. A separate wallet is not necessary here, because you are not buying the cryptocurrency itself, but betting on the price trend.

Broker or stock exchange: Where is the best place to buy vechain?

Some people may be a little confused at this point. After all, there are some brokers that allow you to trade Vechain with the CFD positions mentioned and other cryptocurrency exchanges supposedly do the same, but via the real assets. Which is better?

No general recommendation can be made at this point. Rather, the right choice depends on one’s own trading preferences.

If you want to profit from short-term price changes and occasionally activate leverage and take a short position, CFDs are an excellent way to meet your trading needs.

However, there is also a higher risk to consider, as one does not acquire the underlying asset per se and thus has to reckon with considerable losses in the event of a wrong prediction of the price.

The situation is completely different with crypto exchanges, which allow users to trade with each other. In principle, you enter into a barter transaction with another trader and can trade real currencies such as the euro, but above all cryptocurrencies. The disadvantage of this variant is that in most cases you must already have digital tokens and are also urged to have a wallet. In addition, there are still hardly any regulations in the crypto sector, so that in the event of insolvency of the platform, there are few claims for a replacement of the money.

However, you could create a secure crypto wallet and store the real coins there permanently. Just make sure not to forget your password. If it is lost, there are usually no more ways to access the wallet. Then the digital assets are also lost.

Pros and cons for Vechain Investments

  • Cooperation with Walmart
  • Again and again with outbursts
  • Tradable without wallet
  • Runs on the Thor network
  • Exciting concept
  • Highly speculative investment
  • Actual benefit may be questioned

How much are the fees when buying Vechain?

Of course, fees and costs also play a major role when buying Vechain. Investors want to do their trading as cheaply as possible. At this point, however, it should be noted that the question of fees should not always be at the forefront. Other functions of a platform are also important, such as detailed charts or webinars and a demo account.

Even more important, however, is a suitable strategy that helps you to recognise when a favourable entry moment has come and when it is time to sell. Nevertheless, we would like to address the question of fees and present our test winner Libertex as an example.

The good thing here is that registration, deposits and withdrawals are completely free of charge, at least in most cases. You can find more information on this in our fee table.

Cost reasonFee
Depositfree of charge
Crypto trading fees0,4% – 8%
Trading Fees Shares & ETFs0,01% – 0,5%
Trading fees forex0,005% – 0,07%
Trading fees commodities0,015% – 0,08%
Holding feesfree of charge
Paymentfree of charge

However, due to the fact that these are CFD positions, rollover fees may arise for overnight positions. The provider does not charge a spread, as certain transaction fees are charged for cryptocurrencies.

Vechain Course: Important moments in the course of Vechain

Vechain was launched in 2015 and published in June 2016. Thus, the development team had ventured into the public sphere just in time, before the great interest of international investors in cryptocurrencies arose.

And so Vechain was able to reach a value of over 0.025 US dollars on 30 July 2018. In the following months and years, however, it went steadily downhill.

Thus, 2019 was characterised by a major sideways movement. Interestingly, a renewed rise occurred in the wake of the corona crisis. From a low of only 0.002 US dollars, it went up to 0.02 US dollars within around eight months, which corresponded to a tenfold increase in price.

*VETUSD CHART from TradingView

Special timing of the cryptocurrency may also have been important here. After all, VET made a name for itself in February 2020, when it became known that Walmart wanted to use the technology to be able to track products.

Vechain, which actually wanted to target creative processes and activities within the network, thus became a serious competitor to the German Iota, which in turn has set its sights on the Internet of Things.

Since August 2020, the period has again been accompanied by significant losses. Investors should hope that past highs will play a role again in the future.

Buy Vechain with or without a wallet?

Do I now need a wallet to buy Vechain? If you stick to our test winner Libertex, then a digital wallet is not necessary. After all, the cryptocurrency is not acquired directly via the CFD position, rather the price of VET plays the decisive role.

However, if you prefer to own the tokens themselves, then you cannot avoid a corresponding crypto wallet. Many providers have already integrated this into their platform, but there is something to be said for using individual wallets to generate a higher level of security.

However, you should also quickly notice that buying vechain via this route is significantly more complex and time-consuming than CFD trading with Libertex.

Buying VET – the conclusion

On this page we have shown you how and where you can best buy Vechain. VET is always good for price movements and has been able to cause surprises, for example, through its partnership with Walmart.

In the long term, however, it will be more important to see whether cooperation bears fruit. This, in turn, will be measured by the VET price. Generally speaking, Vechain is certainly not the most popular cryptocurrency on the market, but it is certainly exciting and has had some initial successes.

For short-term trades with potentially high returns, we recommend the CFD broker Libertex.

Buy Vechain: FAQs

  1. How to buy Vechain?

    Buying Vechain is usually done via brokers using CFDs or via crypto exchanges. Depending on the provider, different payment methods are available.

  2. What is the difference between a broker and an exchange?

    Brokers are rather to be understood as service providers, while exchanges offer the platform. Thus, a broker can also become active on exchanges. In terms of the crypto market, you will be able to exchange real currencies on exchanges, while brokers usually allow CFD trades.

  3. Will the Vechain value increase in the future?

    The VET price has already been volatile in the past and has repeatedly been characterised by rapid price increases and long phases of price declines. It remains to be hoped that the next jump in value will follow.

  4. Can I also use my Bitcoin wallet for Vechain?

    This should only be possible with extremely versatile Bitcoin wallets. Basically, you should not assume that all digital wallets can handle all cryptos. If in doubt, ask your manufacturer or platform provider.

  5. How do I find Vechain on an Exchange?

    Vechain is known under the abbreviation VET and can thus also be found via price fields or in tables. As a rule, however, you should also find the coin by entering the full crypto name.

  6. Buy Vechain at Libertex. A good idea?

    We have highlighted the advantages of buying crypto at Libertex in detail on this page. Trading without a wallet, high return opportunities and a strong platform make for a good experience for those who don't want to own the right token.

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