How to Buy Tron 2021? Our guide to buying TRX safely & cheaply

How to Buy Tron 2021? Our guide to buying TRX safely & cheaply

In recent years, a global economy has emerged on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify, in which artists market their works on their own. The cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) is messing with precisely these distribution platforms. TRON aims to give creators more control over the marketing of their works and a greater share of the revenue generated by them.

Tron Buy or Sell? Our pros & cons analysis

  • Decentralised, digital distribution platform that bypasses the middleman (platform operator)
  • Creatives retain sovereignty over their content and can market it as they see fit
  • Extremely large market capitalisation and distribution
  • Supports smart contracts and serves as a development platform for decentralised applications (dApps)
  • Energy-saving Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) procedure (since August 2018)
  • Cons
  • Very young company whose seriousness has been questioned several times (see section "TRON News and Criticism").
  • Still years away from completion
  • High volatility: performance is subject to extreme fluctuations
  • TRON has risen to the top 10 of the largest cryptocurrencies worldwide, and more and more investors are interested in the coin.

    What TRON actually does, what opportunities an investment promises and how you can buy TRON, all that you can read here.

    Buy Tron: What should you look for to buy Tron cheap & safe?

    You should pay attention to these points if you want to buy Tron so that nothing goes wrong:

    • Where is the best place to buy Tron? We advise eToro.
    • Do I want to hold Tron for the long term or speculate on the price? That depends on your own trading.
    • How does a Tron Wallet work? Simple, via eToro’s integrated wallet.
    • Is it worth investing in Tron? Tron definitely has potential in the future.

    How to buy Tron with Euros in UK? Buy Tron guide for beginners with eToro:

    Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 10 minutes

    Buy TRON UK: Numerous exchanges offer trading and purchasing options for the cryptocurrency TRON. To help you find the right one for you, we show you below where you can buy TRON easily and at favourable conditions. Do you want to buy TRON with Paypal or Sofortüberweisung? Or do you want to buy TRON with a credit card? You'll find your solution among the exchanges we recommend. We will guide you through the process step by step.

    1. Registering with a broker or crypto exchange

      First, you register with a broker or crypto exchange of your choice.For our example, we have chosen eToro because here we can buy both real Tron to hold and Tron CFDs to speculate. First, we click the link to register with eToro:We fill out the form, accept the terms of use and click on Trade now, then you will receive the activation link by e-mail. Click on the link to activate your Etoro account. It is now available to you.

    2. Top up the account

      After successfully activating your profile, you need to fund your account in order to buy Tron. To do this, we click on the Deposit money button at eToro: Then we select the amount and the payment method with which we want to deposit and then click on the Send button. Now we can start trading!

    3. Buy Tron online with euros

      Now we can buy Tron. To do this, we click in the search field at the top and enter Tron.Then we click on the Trade button: The purchase window then opens. Here we have the following options:

      1. Buy or sell: In our case, we have to set it to buy.

      2. Trade or order: Here we can choose whether we want to execute the trade immediately (trade) or delayed (order).

      3. Amount: How much Tron we would like to buy.

      4. Stop Loss and Take Profit: At which loss or profit our position should be sold automatically.

      5.Leverage: With which leverage we want to buy Tron. With leverage X1 we buy real Tron, with leverage X2 we buy leveraged Tron CFDs. After we have configured all options, we click on the Open Trade button to complete the purchase. Subsequently, we have the Tron in our portfolio, the purchase is complete!

    Buy Tron with PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and more

    In our example we show the purchase with credit card. eToro also offers other ways to deposit:

    Payment optionpossible?
    Buy Tron with credit card 
    Buy Tron with PayPal 
    Buy Tron with SOFORT Bank Transfer 
    Buy Tron with Rapid Transfer 
    Buy Tron with Skrill 
    Buy Tron with bank transfer 
    Buy Tron with Neteller 
    Buy Tron with UnionPay 

    Should you buy Tron or not? Our reasons for buying!

    Buy TRON? Or is it better not to? We summarise the pros and cons around the question for you:

    Similar to Bitcoin bypassing the middleman bank, TRON bypasses the platform operators, who until now have determined which content is viewed most frequently on the internet and how much its authors earn from it.

    To achieve this, it should be possible to write and execute decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts on the TRON blockchain, similar to Ethereum.

    TRON has regularly been the subject of much criticism in the news. Among other things, it became known that TRON did not write parts of its white paper itself, but freely copied sections from other white papers. Lines of code were also copied from TRON without any reference to their authors.

    Nevertheless, TRON has established itself among the top 10 most successful cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap. The CEO is the Chinese Justin Sun, who regularly emphasises that his goal is to completely decentralise the internet. TRON is operated by the TRON Foundation, which is based in Singapore. TRON’s cryptocurrency TRX has been traded since September 2017.

    TRON was able to raise 70 million US dollars via an ICO. TRON’s own blockchain was launched much later, in June 2018. To learn more about the history of TRON and the current TRON price, follow our link.

    Many negative reports about TRON are unsettling

    Investors must also pay attention to the many negative reports in the TRON news in recent months. They question how serious and reliable the company TRON really is. This additional factor of uncertainty makes investments in TRON more risky than investments in some other projects whose serious intentions are beyond question.

    But even if TRON really wants to deliver, it says it may still take up to ten years before the promised platform can be used. That is a period in which other companies pursuing similar ideas could gain a valuable head start.

    On top of that, the market power of the established competitors is so great that it is questionable who is currently even able to take them on.

    To buy TRON or not to buy TRON?

    So should you buy TRON? From our point of view, the many negative TRON news stories speak rather against it. In any case, we advise against large long-term investments. In the short term, you can certainly make money with small amounts in trading.

    If you want to give it a try, you should follow TRON News regularly so that you can make your own wise decisions.

    Fees comparison when buying Tron:

    To compare the fees when buying Tron, let’s take the following example:

    • We buy Tron worth €1,000
    • We would like to hold Tron for a month and then sell it again
    • We assume that the rate does not change in the 30 days

    This is how the fees differ among the largest crypto providers:

    Depositfree of chargefree of charge
    Purchase fees3,5%3,08%
    Holding feesfree of charge0,05%
    Sales charges3,5%3,08%
    Payment5 USD1,9%
    Total fees74,20€92,32€

    Tron share price: Important moments in the Tron share price development

    Tron has had its share of ups and downs since the ICO in 2017. We show the most important moments in the past of the Tron Coin:

    1. 2017: Tron has its ICO and is traded for the first time on an exchange for 0.0017€.
    2. January 2018: On 05.01.2018 Tron reaches its all-time high of 0.24€ during the crypto bull run.
    3. May 2018: Tron tries to recover from a price collapse when the bubble bursts and briefly rises by 100%, but immediately falls again.
    4. December 2018: Tron hits its then all-time low of €0.01 during the crypto “winter”.
    5. January 2019: Tron recovers from the crash and rises to €0.024 per coin.
    6. June 2019: Tron rises to €0.034 per coin in summer 2019, but immediately falls again.
    7. March 2020: During the Corona epidemic, Tron reached its new all-time low (€0.009 per coin) after the coin rose to €0.022 in March.
    8. August 2020: In the current bull run, Tron stands at €0.024 per coin – an all-time high since the 2018 bull run.

    Buy Tron with or without Wallet?

    You want to buy TRON and are wondering whether you need to buy a suitable wallet for it? You’ll find the answer here. Some exchanges allow you to store the coins you buy on them directly in your account. This is convenient, but also risky.

    Some investors do not set up a wallet at all. For good reason: you have to choose your own wallet, understand it and secure it properly. It takes work for you to use your own wallet. Simply leaving your TRON on eToro is much more convenient.

    Nevertheless, the effort is worth it. And it’s not that big. If your exchange platform unexpectedly goes bankrupt or is hacked, your coins are in danger. In the vast majority of countries – including UK – cryptocurrencies are traded unregulated.

    This means that the exchange operators are not obliged to provide you with any guarantees. On top of that, it is actually considered a great strength of cryptocurrencies that they are stored decentrally.

    An exchange, on the other hand, as a central data and trading hub, is a very attractive target for attackers. So there are many good reasons to keep your TRON on your own wallet. Click here for the big Tron wallet comparison


    TRON is an exciting project, but it still has to prove itself. There is currently well-founded criticism of the company, which does not speak in favour of a large investment in the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, we consider smaller investments to be justifiable.

    Those who want to buy TRON can do so with Bitcoin as well as with real money. And they have a free choice of the most popular payment methods, such as credit cards, instant bank transfer, Bitcoin and even PayPal.

    In any case, we recommend using our test winner eToro for your investment. You will find detailed instructions for this further up on this page.

    Buy TRON: FAQs

    1. How can you invest in TRON?

      The TRX token can be bought for real money or cryptocurrencies on the platforms described above. For buying TRON, we recommend a diversion via our test winner via Bitcoin. With the test winner, buying Bitcoin is easy, flexible and fast. You can then transfer your Bitcoin to Binance, for example, to exchange it for TRON there.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

    2. Can I buy TRON with a credit card?

      Yes, that is possible. You can buy TRON with a credit card on Binance, for example.With our test winner, you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card and then exchange it for TRON on another exchange.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

    3. Is TRON trading possible with Paypal?

      Buying TRON with Paypal is also possible via a diversion. Read our instructions further up on this page.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

    4. Will TRON continue to grow in value?

      Buy TRON now, is it worth it? It is conceivable, but the bad news surrounding the cryptocurrency from Singapore gives cause for concern. We advise caution.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

    5. Do I need a TRON Wallet?

      A TRON wallet is not mandatory, but it increases the security of your investments. We advise you to have your own crypto wallet.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

    6. Can I use my Bitcoin Wallet?

      That depends on whether your wallet also supports the cryptocurrency TRON. However, we are not aware of such a Bitcoin wallet that also supports TRON. If in doubt, it is advisable to ask the provider directly. Most wallets now support multiple coins.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

    7. What is the best way to invest in TRON?

      We recommend our test winner for purchasing TRON. TRON is not yet listed here. However, you can use the platform very well as a hub for your investments. In combination with other exchanges such as Binance, you can acquire almost any cryptocurrency in no time at all.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

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