The Stratis token is the cryptocurrency of the platform of the same name. The coin can be used there, among other things, to pay transaction fees. At the same time, however, it can also be used as an asset.

In total, there are just under 99 million units. The cryptocurrency has existed since 2016, since when it has been possible to buy Stratis. The platform offers companies and organisations in the financial sector the in-house Stratis blockchain. Different applications can be developed here.

Buying Stratis: What to look out for

We have looked into the purchase of Stratis and now explain the easiest way to buy the coin. But before you do, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the best place to buy Stratis? Our advice is Binance.
  • Do you want to hold Stratis or speculate on the price in the short term? That depends on your own strategy.
  • How does a Stratis Wallet work? Quite simple, as you can hold the coins on Binance.
  • Is the long-term investment in Stratis worth it? The coin has growth prospects.

Buy Stratis in 3 steps:

Stratis is still relatively unknown compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, this does not necessarily mean that the prospects for returns are worse, on the contrary. Once you have decided to buy Stratis, you need to choose a suitable provider. In this guide, we present different exchanges that are suitable for buying Stratis.

It plays a significant role which exchange you ultimately choose, as they sometimes differ considerably in terms of conditions. This page provides answers to the most important questions about cryptocurrency.

We therefore recommend using a reputable, secure and regulated provider. Otherwise you run the risk of falling victim to a crypto scam. After registration and verification, you can start trading after just a few minutes, depending on the selected payment method.

We use the crypto exchange Binance because it offers the lowest fees when buying. Binance is one of the exchanges recommended by the editorial team: Simply follow our instructions to get started trading Stratis particularly quickly.

Step 1: Registration

Buying Stratis with Binance requires you to register: First create an account via this link. Enter your details and you will receive an email with an activation link.

Follow the activation link in the email to activate your Binance account.

Optionally, you can now set up two-factor authentication to better protect your Binance account. This can be worthwhile: Two-factor authentication (2FA) significantly increases the security of your Binance account. We therefore advise you to use 2FA, especially if you plan to trade large amounts on Binance. However, 2FA activation is also available later via your account settings. Buying Stratis without verification is possible on Binance.

Step 2: Deposit

Transfer a Bitcoin amount from your Bitcoin wallet or another exchange account to your Binance account now. On Binance, you first need Bitcoin to buy Stratis – other currency pairs are not available here. To transfer your Bitcoin, click on Funds > Deposit in the header of Binance and select Bitcoin. Send your Bitcoin to the public key address that Binance will show you. Long waiting times are not uncommon with Binance. If necessary, exercise patience. You can track the progress of your transfer under Order Management > Order History.

Tip: For security reasons, we advise you to transfer only a small amount at first. When the amount arrives and you can be sure that everything works as desired, you can transfer your full desired amount.

Step 3: Buy Stratis

After your transfer has been received by Binance, you can now exchange your Bitcoin for Stratis. To do so, click on Exchange > Basic in the header.

Then click on BTC in the top right-hand corner and select the matching currency pair with Stratis from the list. The quickest way to find the currency pair is to type “Stratis” into the search mask at the top right. If you have done everything correctly, Stratis will now appear above the “Buy – Sell” box at the bottom of the page, as in our screenshot:

To buy Stratis, you have to pay with BTC. Enter the desired Stratis amount in the purchase screen.

If you wish, you can now specify the price at which you want to buy your Stratis. To do this, select “Limit” above the input mask and enter your desired price. Then click on “Buy Stratis”. As soon as the market value you have set is reached, your Bitcoin (BTC) will automatically be exchanged for Stratis.

Alternatively, you can also use the current market price, in which case the exchange takes place immediately. Instead of clicking on “Limit”, simply click on “Market” and then on “Buy Stratis”. Your Stratis should then appear in your credit balance within a while.

If your stratis haven’t arrived on your Binance account within an hour, don’t panic: just take a breather and check back later.

Tip 1: Buying Stratis on Binance is particularly cheap: Binance charges a small fee for trading between different cryptocurrencies. If you purchase a small amount of Binance’s own currency BNB and check the “Pay transaction fees in BNB” box in your profile, Binance will give you a 25% discount on these fees.

Tip 2: To exchange your Stratis back into Bitcoin, simply follow steps 1-3 again and this time use the “Sell” input screen instead of the “Buy” box.

To buy Stratis or not?

However, anyone who wants to buy Stratis should ideally not be unfamiliar with the characteristics of the crypto market. Similar to BTC and numerous altcoins, the price of Stratis is also subject to large fluctuations.

This is something that strategic investors can take advantage of. The Stratis network enables the development of various blockchain applications, especially for the financial industry. Unlike Ethereum, Stratis is based on popular programming languages.

Potentials of Stratis

The Stratis platform offers users interesting possibilities. The vision behind Stratis is that in the future, numerous companies will work with the platform when it comes to advancing a business model with the help of blockchain.

Also because the amount of Stratis tokens is limited, similar to Bitcoin, the Stratis price could rise even further in the future. The use of the relatively well-known programming language C# is also seen by some as an advantage of Stratis.

All in all, it turns out, Stratis offers a variety of opportunities. On the one hand for technology enthusiasts, companies and organisations, but on the other hand also for those who want to generate returns and buy Stratis.

Stratis Investment Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Big market for Stratis
  • Known programming language C#
  • General risk of investments in cryptocurrencies
  • Little chance of prevailing against other cryptocurrencies (Eth)

Fees when buying stratis:

To present the fees when buying stratis, let’s take the following example:

  • You buy stratis worth €1,000
  • You hold Stratis for a month
  • It is assumed that the rate does not change in the 30 days

The following fees now apply to Binance:

Purchase fees0,1%
Holding feesfree of charge
Sales charges0,1%
Paymentfree of charge
Total fees37€

Stratis share price: Important moments in the Stratis share price development

The most important moments in Stratis Coin’s past:

  1. 2016: Stratis has its ICO and is traded for the first time on an exchange for 0.0076€.
  2. June 2017: Strati’s share price explodes to €9.30, but drops again to €2.75 as a correction.
  3. January 2018: On 08.01.2018 Stratis reaches its all-time high of 18.93€ during the crypto bull run.
  4. May 2018: Zcash tries to recover when the bubble bursts and rises to 6.44€ but immediately falls again.
  5. December 2018: Stratis hits its then all-time low of €0.52 during the crypto “winter”.
  6. June 2019: Stratis rises to €1.16 per coin in summer 2019, but falls again.
  7. March 2020: During the Corona epidemic, Stratis reached its new all-time low (€0.16 per coin) after the coin rose to €0.48 in March.
  8. August 2020: In the current bull run, Stratis stands at €0.53 per coin.

Buy Stratis with Trading App

Mobile trading is becoming increasingly important. Those who want to buy statis can sometimes even benefit considerably from the fact that purchases or sales can also be controlled easily via smartphone. This enables investors and traders to react very promptly to market changes.

Our comprehensive comparisons (The Best Trading Apps & The Best Finance Apps) provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different apps.

It is worth investing some time in the preparation. After all, the different conditions and offers can definitely have an impact on the return.

Trading apps are suitable for active trading. Specifically: here, for example, you can buy Stratis with a credit card, or also via PayPal and other payment methods.

Financial apps, on the other hand, provide comprehensive information about current market events and analysis tools. The best trading apps, on the other hand, combine both, and enable both stratis trading and information gathering.

Buy Stratis with or without a wallet?

There are different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies like Stratis. On the one hand, you can buy Stratis and store it in a wallet. On the other hand, you can also profit from the price developments via CFD trading.

With this variant, you do not actually own the digital currency, but speculate on either rising or falling prices.

A wallet is often referred to as an electronic purse. The records of the cryptocurrency holdings are stored here. There are different types of wallets. These range from cold wallets to hot wallets, where the holdings are sometimes even stored on the crypto exchange.

If you want to buy Stratis with PayPal or perhaps prefer to use another payment method, you should also think about how you want to store the digital currency. With our test winner Binance, however, safekeeping is particularly uncomplicated.

Stratis Buy Conclusion

As this guide has made clear, there are different ways to invest in the digital currency. Buying Stratis with Sofort Überweisung is just as possible as paying with PayPal or a credit card.

But there are differences not only in terms of payment methods. There are also various exchanges with Stratis in their portfolio.

However, buying Stratis without verification is only possible in the rarest of cases. For good reasons. Reputable brokers require customer verification, as they are subject to different regulatory authorities.

However, this can ultimately also have a positive impact on investors, as it has a beneficial effect on the security of the platform.

Fortunately, there are various brokers who can score with attractive conditions. Anyone who wants to buy Stratis will find a wide range of offers.

Our test winner Binance not only offers various payment modes, but also shines with diverse analysis tools and helpful elements that make trading easier.

Buy Stratis: FAQs

Who invented Stratis?

The Stratis Coin, which can be used on the Stratis crypto platform, has been on the market since 2016. Founder Chris Trew works on the digital currency together with an international team, and the company’s headquarters are in the UK.
In summer 2016, a small initial coin offering took place. This raised 915 bitcoin, creating 96 million Stratis tokens. Those who decided to invest in the cryptocurrency early on were able to achieve impressive returns. For example, on 7 March 2017, Stratis was trading at around US$0.08 – only to rise to US$22.77 less than a year later, on 8 January 2018. But even those who want to buy Stratis today and actually decide to take this step could still profit from future developments.

Will Stratis increase in value?

Anyone who wants to buy the digital currency usually also has profit-making intentions. Buying Stratis with a credit card may be uncomplicated – but is it worth it?
One thing is clear: there is no one hundred percent guarantee that Stratis will actually increase in value. However, this is just as true for any other cryptocurrency, and also for any other asset. Precious metals can also fluctuate in price, and the same applies to real estate, shares and the like.
However, many who want to buy Stratis are interested in the risk-reward ratio. And this is indeed considered interesting. Accordingly, there is a realistic chance that the capital invested will multiply within a short time. A look at Stratis’ history and share price development illustrates this.
In general, you should be wary if you are promised that profits are pre-programmed. This indicates that the provider is not serious. Stratis, on the other hand, according to our experience, is promising, honest and offers added value for the user. Value increases are therefore quite conceivable.

Which alternative online currencies are worthwhile?

Buying stratis with PayPal may be interesting for many, but it is also worth looking beyond the end of one’s nose. Especially since it is generally advisable to diversify one’s investments, among other things to reduce the risk.
The crypto market offers a variety of alternatives. The best known is certainly Bitcoin, the so-called mother of all cryptocurrencies. The investment opportunities are still great. The advantage of BTC is the broad attention that the coin receives. More and more institutional investors are investing in Bitcoin. But other cryptocurrencies are also considered promising. Starting with Ethereum, Ripple and IOTA. The exciting thing about the crypto market is the fact that the digital currencies have different strengths – while BTC can function as digital gold, for example, IOTA enables microtransactions.
In general, it is important to keep an eye on other investments as well. You can buy Stratis with Sofort Überweisung, and at the same time also invest in other cryptocurrencies and assets.

How to buy Stratis without registration?

Buying Stratis without registration is not possible without further ado. It is often said that the crypto market is a breeding ground for illegal transactions. But it is not quite that simple. It is theoretically possible to acquire cryptocurrencies through private trades. However, this is associated with not insignificant risks, which is why we cannot unreservedly recommend this option.
Buying Stratis without registering is therefore possible, but not necessarily sensible. It therefore seems to make more sense to choose a well-rated, reputable and regulated crypto broker. With this broker, you can buy Stratis and use various analysis tools at the same time.
Registering with a broker is also uncomplicated and usually takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is enter some essential data.

How to buy Stratis without verification?

This question also reaches us more and more often. The same applies here as with registration: theoretically, it is possible to invest in Stratis without verification. However, the question is whether this makes sense at all. Exchanges and providers that completely bypass the registration and verification process are sometimes simply scams.
If you don’t want to take any major risks, you should therefore use widespread and well-tested crypto exchanges. Can you buy Stratis without verification, and if so, how, is therefore probably a question that leads in the wrong direction. On the whole, the advantages of providers who do not forego a verification process seem to outweigh the disadvantages.
Especially since verification is completed within a few minutes. Often it is sufficient, for example, to deposit a copy of the identity card on the platform. Other forms of verification are also possible.

Are stock exchanges and exchanges the same thing?

Beginners in particular often cannot see the wood for the trees. The multitude of technical terms causes further confusion. An exchange is merely another term for a stock exchange, so there is no difference between the two terms.
The principle of supply and demand determines the market price. Especially in the case of assets that have a low market capitalisation, individual weighty investors can have
a major impact on the price development. Although the crypto market is no longer to be underestimated in size, it is still incomparably smaller than the gold market, for example. This often leads to higher volatilities. However, these are not bad per se; on the contrary, they often lead to investors being able to achieve high returns within a short period of time.

Is there a best broker?

Anyone who wants to buy stratis, and is perhaps looking for a suitable broker, is usually not satisfied with the first one that comes along. For good reasons. After all, the offers and conditions sometimes differ considerably.
A first selection could be the payment methods offered. However, buying stratis with Sofort Überweisung, PayPal or credit card is also possible on various platforms. It is therefore important to identify other criteria.
In general, it makes sense to focus on your own needs. Beginners in particular should choose platforms that are easy to use and highly user-friendly. It is also advisable to use well-frequented and well-known crypto exchanges. The industry giants often offer investors the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies with low sums and buy Stratis with PayPal, for example.

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