How to buy Qtum? The instructions are available on this page. Readers can also expect tips and trading information.

Qtum has established itself among the most sought-after coins on the market, and demand is growing. We explain the strengths of the cryptocurrency and show you how you can buy Qtum in just 5 minutes. Our step-by-step guide makes investing in Qtum quick and easy, even for beginners.

The developers also attach great importance to data security and anonymity of the users as well as an orientation towards the user, who should be able to work flexibly with Qtum regardless of location. A Qtum app and a wallet that can be used on all common operating systems (including Linux) and mobile devices are therefore firmly planned in the company’s roadmap and given high priority. The roadmap for 2019 provides for many meaningful improvements, which you can find on the company’s website.

Buy Qtum – the quick Quantum guide

  1. Register with Binance here
  2. Or register here with IQ Option
  3. Verification & 2-factor authentication
  4. Transfer euros to your account
  5. Select Qtum (QTUM) and define trading volume
  6. Buy Qtum!

Qtum’s tokens are referred to simply as QTUM. The artificial word Qtum, in turn, is short for “quantum”. Patrick Dai founded Qtum in 2016 and the Singapore-based Qtum Foundation is responsible for developing the platform. Qtum was able to collect around 17 million US dollars in investor funds in a crowdfunding at the beginning of 2017. On Coinmarketcap, it currently ranks 33rd among the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. As of May 2019, Qtum’s market capitalisation is around €213 million and one token currently costs €2.23. You can find the current prices here.

Buy Qtum UK: The best options

Buying Qtum is no problem at all in UK: If you are interested in the ambitious altcoin and want to start trading with the cryptocurrency QTUM, there are countless exchanges available on which the tokens are already listed. We at have tested the best exchanges and brokers for you and present a selection of them for your Qtum purchase below. Do you want to buy Qtum with Bitcoin? Or would you rather buy Qtum with a credit card? Or with PayPal? All this is possible with the exchanges we recommend. In our case studies, we guide you step by step through the process. This way, even newcomers can get started quickly and easily.

1. IQ Option2. Binance

Alternative ways to buy Qtum

How to buy Qtum? Everyone has their own preferences. Maybe you want to buy Qtum with a credit card, or you want to buy Qtum with Paypal. We will explain which payment methods you can use to trade Qtum in the following sections.

Buy Qtum with credit card

You want to buy Qtum with a credit card? Then you have a whole range of crypto exchanges at your disposal from which you can choose. We recommend the crypto broker IQ Option for buying Qtum with a credit card. You can find a step-by-step guide in our box above. But you can also pay for Qtum with a credit card on the crypto exchange Binance. And it doesn’t stop there: a third very good option is the European crypto exchange Litebit. Under the link you will find a guide and everything about our Litebit experience.

When buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card, you always have to reckon with additional transaction costs that the providers VISA and Mastercard charge.

Buy Qtum with Paypal

Buying Qtum with PayPal is also possible. Unfortunately, the practical payment service provider is only available as an option on very few crypto exchanges.

Buy Qtum with Sofortüberweisung

Fortunately, buying Qtum with Sofortüberweisung is no longer a problem these days: This payment option, which is widely used in UK, offers you the highest level of convenience and – as the name suggests – truly instant transfers. Buy Bitcoin with Sofortüberweisung and then exchange it for Qtum on another exchange.

To invest in Qtum or not?

Should you buy Qtum or not? Among the huge supply of cryptocurrencies, the altcoin Qtum is certainly an exciting candidate for investment. With its business-like focus, Qtum could find real-world applications one day in the not-too-distant future. If that happens, a long-term investment could pay off handsomely for you. But you may also be able to make profits with Qtum in the short term.

Qtum’s target group is large commercial enterprises. In this way, Qtum creates a niche for itself alongside similar products such as OmiseGO, which focus more on private use scenarios.

Relevant for the success of Qtum is the general state of the market. Because as long as investors stay away, the companies lack the funds to continuously develop their projects. Qtum is in a good position here, because the coin occupies one of the top positions on Coinmarketcap, i.e. it is well distributed and enjoys increasing demand. Under these circumstances, there is little to be said against a moderate Qtum investment in our view.

  • Combines the advantages of Ethereum with those of Bitcoin
  • dApps and Smart Contracts
  • Cross-blockchain transactions
  • Qtum app for managing and creating smart contracts
  • Lack of regulation of cryptocurrencies
  • General risk of investments in cryptocurrencies

Trade Qtum with or without a wallet?

If you want to buy Qtum, the question for you is whether you need a suitable wallet for it. In fact, you can look for an exchange where it is possible to hold Qtum – Kraken, for example. But there are good reasons to get your own wallet.

It is true that this also involves some effort, because to protect your wallet you have to store your keys somewhere safe. The rule is: double is better. In any case, you should keep a folder in your file where you collect your wallet information so that you are able to restore it in case of doubt and do not lose access to it.

We advise the use of your own wallet

But the effort is worth it, because you effectively increase the security of your investment. If you only rely on one exchange, you may lose your tokens. Because in the crypto world, no one protects you against your exchange going bankrupt or being hacked. This is one of the major disadvantages of the fact that cryptocurrencies have still not been properly regulated by the authorities in this country.

Qtum itself offers the best Qtum wallet: You can find all the important information about it on the company’s homepage. Setting up the wallet is quick and easy. The Qtum wallets can be easily stored with any common operating system and also on mobile devices. On top of that, they are compatible with the hardware wallets from Ledger, for example, with which you can additionally protect yourself.


To buy Qtum or not? Qtum wants to combine the best of the worlds of the two strongest cryptocurrencies on the market and at the same time establish a platform with which previously incompatible coins can be exchanged against each other without a central authority. Even if Qtum is not completely alone in this, the clear orientation towards large companies and the economy provides the currency with a feature that distinguishes it from its competitors.

Moreover, while investor confidence in bitcoin is growing again, altcoins such as Qtum are also benefiting from this, so that the development can continue undisturbed.

For those who want to invest in Qtum, IQ Option is the ideal hub. With the help of Binance, you can also buy into the altcoin in no time and with low fees.

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