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NEM is the abbreviation for New Economy Movement. The developers explained that NEM is working on a “new economy built on the principles of financial freedom, decentralisation, equality and solidarity”. The NEM network went live on 31 March 2015.

The cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) introduced a number of new technical features to the world of cryptocurrencies, including a so-called proof-of-importance (PoI) algorithm, which serves to establish consensus in the network.

Buy NEM: What to look out for

In our guide, we explain what points to look out for when buying NEM so that nothing goes wrong:

  • Where is the best place to buy NEM? We advise Libertex.
  • Do I want to hold NEM or speculate on the price? That depends on your own trading strategy.
  • How does a NEM wallet work? Quite simply via Libertex itself.
  • Is it worth investing in NEM? NEM is definitely an interesting cryptocurrency.

Buy NEM for beginners in 3 steps:

Those who want to buy NEM unfortunately have only a limited number of crypto exchanges and online brokers: For this reason, we choose Libertex for our guide, which has the lowest fees when buying. You should also ask yourself the following question: Do you want to buy the NEM Coin – or do you want to invest in NEM CFDs on a broking platform? We will then show you some alternatives where you can buy NEM. Now we'll show you how you can buy NEM with Libertex – this is particularly quick and easy here.

  1. Registration

    In order to buy the NEM Coin, you need to register with Libertex. Follow our link and create your Libertex account. After you have entered your data in the registration form, you will receive an email with an activation link. Click the link in the mail or copy it into your browser and your Libertex account will be activated.Of course, you can also start with a demo account at Libertex if you are not yet ready to buy NEM.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

  2. Deposit

    To buy NEM, you now need to deposit your money at Libertex. There are many payment methods available at Libertex (only deposits with Paypal are unfortunately not possible).u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

  3. Buy NEM

    After your deposit has arrived in your Libertex account, you can now buy NEM on Libertex!To do this, simply select the NEM (NEM/USD) trading pair and open your position by clicking on the Buy button. In the menu you can set a limit order at which price you want to buy NEM. Then click on Buy NEM. As soon as the market value you have set is reached, NEM is automatically bought. Of course you can also buy NEM at the current market price. Instead of clicking on Limit, simply click on Market and then on Buy NEM. Congratulations, you are now in possession of NEM Coins.u003cimg style=width: 100px; src= alt=u003e

Payment method/
Credit cards 
Instant bank transfer 
Bank transfer 

Tip: With Libertex, a minimum deposit of €10 is already sufficient, which makes the broker our favourite for buying NEM in addition to the lowest fees.

To invest in NEM or not?

To buy NEM or not, that is the big question. NEM differs greatly in its technical specifications from other cryptocurrencies in some cases. This makes it potentially interesting as an investment. Promising are also already ongoing tests of NEM’s commercial Mijin blockchain by financial institutions and private companies.

Whether NEM will actually be used by companies in the future, however, is still unclear at the moment. The price development of NEM in the near future depends heavily on this and on the general situation of all cryptocurrencies – and above all bitcoin.

If the hype were to return, it could turn out that the price for NEM currently traded on the stock exchanges is a real bargain. But there are currently no signs of this.

High returns possible even with falling NEM prices

It seems more likely for the moment that cryptocurrency prices will continue to fall. Anyone wondering whether to buy the NEM cryptocurrency should regularly follow the NEM news and keep up to date with the market in general. The “NEM News Service” offers you a good first point of reference for this.

Savvy investors can achieve high returns with NEM even if cryptocurrency prices continue to fall by investing in CFDs instead of the currency.

We have described how this works with the crypto broker Libertex in the first major section on this page. Please be aware of the high risk involved in trading CFDs and only invest what you can afford to lose in the event of an accident.

Comparison of fees when buying NEM:

We now compare the fees at the most popular NEM providers:

  • We buy NEM worth €1,000
  • We would like to hold NEM for a month and then sell it again
  • We assume that the rate does not change in the 30 days

This is how the fees differ among the largest providers:
Depositfree of charge3,5%free of charge
Purchase fees1,8%0,1%0.066 Spread
Holding feesfree of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Sales charges1,8%0,1%0.066 Spread
Paymentfree of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Total fees36€37€66€

Course NEM current

Current OmiseGO exchange rate in USD0,3971$
Current OmiseGO share price in EUR0,33€
Total market value in USD$3.577.958.231
Total market value in EUR2.945.732.864 €
Price change within the last 24 hours.+7,81%
Updated17.02.2021 at 23:00

NEM share price: Important moments in the NEM share price development

NEM has already seen some changes in its share price since the ICO in 2015. We show the most important moments of the NEM Coin:

  1. 2015: NEM has its ICO and is traded for the first time on an exchange for 0.0001€.
  2. May 2017: NEM’s price rises to €0.20 in the wake of the 2017 crypto bull run.
  3. January 2018: On 04.01.2018 NEM reaches its all-time high of 1.73€ during the crypto bull run.
  4. May 2018: NEM tries to recover from a price collapse when the bubble bursts and briefly rises by 100%, but immediately falls again.
  5. February 2019: NEM hits low of €0.035 during crypto “winter”.
  6. June 2019: NEM rises to €0.087 per coin in summer 2019, but immediately falls again.
  7. March 2020: During the Corona epidemic, NEM reached its new all-time low (€0.028 per coin) after the coin rose to €0.063 in March.
  8. August 2020: In the current bull run, NEM stands at €0.061 per coin.

Trade NEM with or without a wallet?

A NEM wallet is not mandatory for trading NEM’s cryptocurrency XEM. You can simply hold your NEM coins on your crypto exchange if it supports it.

Nevertheless, from our point of view, there is a lot to be said for using a NEM wallet. If you only rely on your wallet, you could be in for a rude awakening: If your wallet suddenly goes bankrupt or is hacked, it is possible that you will lose the investments stored on it or have to fight for them for years.

NEM can be held on any Nano Wallet. The Nano Wallet can be run with any browser. Alternatively, you can use the NEM Community Client (NCC). This also contains a NEM Wallet. Both wallets can also be executed offline.

The modular architecture of NEM wallets protects them very well from external attacks. A hack is considered virtually impossible as long as your NEM Wallet is connected to the NEM Infrastructure Server via a firewall. Of course, this requires an internet connection.


NEM is a highly exciting cryptocurrency that can already boast the first credible partnerships working on actual use of the technology in test environments. If you want to buy NEM, you can use the broker Libertex, which is our test winner for NEM.

Recommendation: Buy Crypto at Libertex

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CFDs are complex instruments and carry a high risk of losing money quickly through leverage. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


  1. How to invest in NEM?

    You can buy NEM with Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin on Binance. With real money, you can buy Bitcoin via Sofortüberweisung, SEPA and other payment methods on the platforms described above and then exchange it for NEM on Binance. Buying NEM with Bitcoin is particularly fast on Binance because Binance does not require verification. Alternatively, you can speculate on price movements with CFDs at crypto brokers like using leverage. This way, you can still earn returns even if the NEM price continues to fall.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  2. Can I buy NEM with a credit card?

    Buying NEM with a credit card is not possible on any of the crypto exchanges we recommend. However, you can buy NEM with a credit card in a roundabout way by first buying Bitcoin with a credit card and then exchanging it for the cryptocurrency NEM.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  3. Is NEM trading possible with Paypal?

    Unfortunately, buying NEM with Paypal is not possible on any of the exchanges we use.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  4. Will NEM continue to increase in value?

    NEM is expected to benefit when the market as a whole starts to grow again.Whether and when this will happen, on the other hand, is not foreseeable.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  5. Do I need a NEM Wallet?

    Not mandatory, but we recommend it. A wallet protects you from eventualities such as the unexpected insolvency or hacker attacks on your exchange platform. Without a wallet, you can hold NEM on Binance, for example.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  6. Can I use my Bitcoin Wallet?

    It depends on whether your wallet supports the cryptocurrency NEM. In our experience, this is generally not the case for NEM. If in doubt, it is advisable to ask the provider directly. Most wallets now support multiple coins.u003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

  7. What is the best way to invest in NEM?

    We recommend Binance for buying NEM. Although you can only exchange NEM for Bitcoin and not buy it for real money, you don't have to go through the hassle of verification. If you want to buy NEM with real money, we recommend the diversions described in the Trading Alternatives section.And for NEM trading with derivatives, the editors recommend the test winneru003cimg src= alt= style=width: 100px;u003e

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