How to buy IOTA 2021? Our guide to buying MIOTA safely and cheaply

How to buy IOTA 2021? Our guide to buying MIOTA safely and cheaply

Since 2016, there has been a very special online currency: IOTA. The special feature: instead of a blockchain, a so-called tangle is used.

In this article, we show how and where you can best buy IOTA, what exchanges there are and whether you can also get MIOTA tokens with PayPal, SOFORT-Überweisung and co.

Buying IOTA: What should you look for to buy cheap and secure IOTA?

Since IOTA uses tangle technology, there are some differences with buying bitcoin, for example. First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Where is the best place to buy IOTA? We recommend eToro. Here you get to deal with a broker that is regulated in the EU and in addition Iota has many other cryptocurrencies on offer and also offers forex or stock trading.
  • Do I want to hodle IOTA or actively trade? That depends on your personal strategy. Ask yourself whether you believe in the future of Iota or whether trading should be your main focus. Long-term portfolios can certainly make use of MIOTA tokens. However, if you want a quick one-day return, CFD trading might be suitable.
  • How does an IOTA wallet work? Simply through eToro itself. In the meantime, there is also the Firefly Wallet from the Iota Foundation. It serves as the main contact point for tokens, assigns an address and can therefore be used to send and receive digital coins. Especially with Iota, it is important to always use the latest version of the wallet, as the network is constantly being updated.
  • Is IOTA worth investing in? IOTA is definitely an interesting cryptocurrency. As a German development, it differs from other cryptocurrencies with a very different approach to blockchain. There are already numerous stakeholders from industry and public institutions involved in the projects. This certainly makes the cryptocurrency exciting.

How to buy IOTA with euros in Germany? IOTA buying guide for beginners with eToro:

If the above instructions are too short for you, we will now show you in detail how to add IOTA to your portfolio. For this we use the eToro broker, as it offers the advantage of being able to buy both real cryptocurrencies and CFDs, thus combining the advantages of a broker and an exchange.

Next, we will talk about the difference between a broker and a stock exchange.

First step: Register with a cryptocurrency broker or exchange

First, you register with a cryptocurrency broker or exchange.

For our example, we chose eToro because here we can buy both real IOTA for holding and IOTA derivatives for speculation.

First, we click on the link to register with eToro:

In the form we enter our user name, e-mail address and password and accept the terms and conditions:


We then receive a verification email in which we click on the link to confirm the account.

Step 2: Topping up the account

In the next step, we need to fund our account with money in order to be able to buy IOTA. To do this, we click on the “Deposit money” button on eToro:


Next, we select the amount and the payment method we want to deposit with, and then click on the “Submit” button to deposit the amount.

Buy IOTA with PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and more

In our example we show a credit card purchase. eToro also offers other deposit methods:

Payment option

Is it possible?

Buy IOTA with a credit card


Buy IOTA with PayPal


Buy IOTA by bank transfer SOFORT


Buy IOTA with Rapid Transfer


Buy IOTA with Skrill


Buy IOTA by bank transfer


Buy IOTA with Neteller


Buy IOTA with UnionPay


Step 3: Buy IOTA online with euros

Now that we have funded our account, we can start the actual purchase of IOTA. To do this, we click on the search box at the top and enter “IOTA”.

We then click on the “Trade” button:

The purchase window will then open. Here we have the following options:

  1. Buy or sell: In our case we have to set it to “buy”.
  2. Operation or order: Here we can choose whether we want to execute the operation immediately (operation) or deferred (order).
  3. Quantity: The amount of IOTA that we want to buy
  4. Stop Loss and Take Profit: At what loss or profit our position should be automatically sold.
  5. Leverage: With which leverage we want to buy IOTA. With leverage X1 we buy real IOTA, with leverage X2 we buy leveraged IOTA CFDs.

Once we have configured all the options, we click on the “Open transaction” button to complete the purchase.

Subsequently, we have IOTA in our wallet, the purchase is complete!


Buying IOTA with euros in Germany: Are there differences in Switzerland and Austria?

Iota is a German cryptocurrency, but can also be traded in other countries. For interested parties in Switzerland and Austria, there is also the possibility to buy Iota with euros or francs.

We have already described in detail on this page how the MIOTA negotiation can work. Our readers in neighbouring German-speaking countries will be pleased to know that this is a generally valid guide.

So if you want to buy iota with euros, you can also do so in Austria and Switzerland. Of course, the network itself does not restrict cross-border transactions. In any case, cryptocurrencies are known for their centrality and the fact that you can make cross-border payments.

However, if one wants to look specifically for possible differences between Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the tax issue must be mentioned. The regulations may differ in detail here.

Unfortunately, we cannot make a generally valid statement at this point in time. Rather, we advise you to consult your tax advisor in order to clarify how to record any income from an Iota investment in Austria or Switzerland in your tax return.

Broker or exchange: which is the best place to buy IOTA?

Now that we have shown one way to buy IOTA quickly, easily and securely, there are of course other ways.

The question of how and where best to buy IOTA is strongly related to the second question, i.e. whether you want to hold IOTA for the long term, or rather speculate on the short-term price performance.

For short-term speculation, it is advisable to use a CFD broker, where you can speculate on the price development of IOTA without holding the underlying asset directly. The advantage of a broker is that you can also trade with leverage, so that even small price fluctuations can result in large profits or losses.

If you want to hold IOTA for the long term, you are better off with a crypto-exchange:

Buy IOTA on, coinbase, binance, Bison and Comdirect – Why we alternatively recommend eToro

IOTA is now associated with several cryptocurrency brokers and platforms, however, the following comparison should once show that even many established offers are not rather suitable for the purchase of IOTA.


There is no doubt that the platform is very popular. As a German offering, they have several currency pairs, which, of course, mainly revolve around the major cryptocurrency BTC.

That leaves out our desired MIOTA token. It is therefore worth noting that IOTA will not be found here.


As one of the most popular offers in the sector, Coinbase is known worldwide. So you would think that German cryptocurrency can also be found here.

However, a glance at the offer reveals that MIOTA is not found in the search either.


Binance is generally considered to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange of all. There is hardly any other provider that offers as many currency pairs in the cryptocurrency industry as Binance.

And so, for example, the MIOTA token is available in a currency pair with USDT or also with Bitcoin. However, let us not forget that the provider is not regulated despite its size.


The Bison app is of German origin. It originates from the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and is one of the great pioneers of cryptocurrency trading in the Federal Republic.

So why can’t you find the Berlin cryptocurrency? In fact, one of the main shortcomings of the financial application is that only a few major digital currencies are accessible. IOTA is not one of them.


As you have seen, the MIOTA tab is not available everywhere. Even large and well-known providers sometimes do without integration.

It’s even nicer that you can buy IOTA at eToro. Our online broker test winner is not only characterised by its European license, but also by a variety of other design options for your own wallet.

These include commission-free equity trading, a free cryptocurrency wallet and a wide range of investment options in the CFD sector.

Should you buy IOTA or not? Our reasons for buying

Growing interest from operators has pushed the value of Iota to over €700 billion by 2020.

Thus, the Iota Coin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in history. IOTA is based on so-called entangled ledger technology.

Buy or sell IOTA? Our pros and cons analysis

Let’s look at the arguments for and against investing in Iota. It should be noted that these are also subjective valuations of the German cryptocurrency.

However, we assume that the MIOTA token still has its best moment ahead of it. The Internet of Things has not yet fully arrived and will not unfold its full potential for a few years.

If the Iota Foundation really succeeds in taking a decisive role in digitisation in cooperation with various companies, individual MIOTA tokens should continue to be available at a reasonable price.

The aforementioned partnerships are certainly one of the great reasons to buy Iota. Hardly any other cryptocurrency can showcase practical projects like Germany’s cryptocurrency.

  • Good time to invest in IOTA
  • Extensive collaboration with industry
  • Efficient entanglement technology
  • Berlin Network
  • Shortly before market expiry
  • Investing in IOTA without previous success is risky
  • Past developer disputes have damaged IOTA’s reputation.

The technology appears to be convincing. The Tangle can circumvent the conventional problems of other blockchains and guarantees secure and inexpensive data processing.

Iota has already demonstrated several times that this can work. Moreover, there are currently numerous projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Berlin cryptocurrency.

However, with all the praise, let us not forget the other side of the coin. Iota is and remains a cryptocurrency that is also affected by the well-known market fluctuations. Theoretically, it could even be that the price of the cryptocurrency will tend to zero in the future.

We do not want to paint the devil on the wall, however, the IOTA foundation itself has not always ensured in the past that one would want to put great trust in the work of developers.

Public disputes damaged the network and the course. With this in mind, let’s hope that in the future the development team will also focus on their work and less on the bosses’ prestige duels.

What is IOTA?

IOTA is the German flagship among cryptocurrencies. With numerous collaborations, the Berlin-based team of developers has already made a real name for itself in the cryptocurrency market.

However, it cannot be denied that digital currencies have not yet managed to compete with the large networks. Nevertheless, MIOTA was long regarded as a real think tank.

The system takes a very different approach to alternative online currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and company.

This is because the well-known blockchain is not used here. The details are quite complex, as all transactions in the network are recorded by so-called “directed acyclic graphs”. So this is really something for absolute cryptography experts. For more information on the price of MIOTA, see today’s IOTA rate.

Technology as an argument

For traders and investors, it is much more important that the technology makes transaction costs much lower than other digital currency systems.

In addition, fundamental advantages in scalability are expected.

However, there is still one thing in common with Bitcoin. Because the number of all Iota coins is also limited. However, not all tokens have to be laboriously mined first. Rather, they have already been created.

It should convince many investors that the Iota Foundation could already set foot in the industry. For example, there are cooperations with Deutsche Telekom, Samsung and also Fujitsu, who expect Iota to provide them with the right technology for the Internet of Things.

Great potential through partnerships

Meanwhile, the Berlin-based cryptocurrency network can boast some interesting partnerships. Tangle technology seems to find some takers in the strong German economy.

With VW, Bosch and Telekom, three major German companies are involved in the network and are also investing in IOTA through partnerships. Even in faraway Japan, Tangle technology has already been discovered. Fujitsu also hopes to enter the Internet of Things through the currency.

IOTA market maturity is imminent

Until now, the value of IOTA was mainly exposed to pure speculation by IOTA investors. In the past, the market just praised to the skies anything that had to do with the word “crypto”.

Gradually, however, the wheat seems to be separating from the chaff, and while the price of the currency has not been able to escape the general industry declines, new IOTA investors now seem to be able to tap into some potential at an opportune moment.

If the functionality of the technology is ultimately confirmed, people will wish they had invested in IOTA from the start.

Buy IOTA now at eToro

  • Real IOTA or IOTA CFDs with only one broker
  • nationally regulated corridor
  • Rapid deposit and withdrawal
  • fair rates
  • on 14 other cryptocurrencies

Buy IOTA as CFD or real cryptocurrency?

Attentive readers will already have noticed that there are several ways to invest in iota. But which option is the best? Let’s look at whether it is better to use MIOTA tokens or CFDs for trading.

At the beginning there is a small self-analysis. We ask ourselves what investment objectives we want to pursue in the first place: what capital do we have available and what risk do we want to take?

In any case, the risk is relatively high when trading cryptocurrencies. But even here there are still differences.

If you want to buy the cryptocurrency yourself, you first need an iota wallet. To trade CFDs, on the other hand, you need to have an account with the relevant broker.

Investing in real tokens is especially advisable if you want to leave the digital currency in your portfolio for a while. It is therefore a matter of long-term investment goals.

CFDs are not designed for this. Positions that are held for too long simply lead to too high costs. On the other hand, high returns can be achieved in the shortest possible time with a relatively low capital outlay. However, as mentioned, this is only possible with higher risk.

CFDs are also more suitable for more experienced investors. Beginners can certainly let off some steam once on a demo account.

No matter which MIOTA trading variant you choose in the end, eToro will be the right address. Among other things, the aforementioned demo account is available here, but you can also start trading CFDs directly.

To complement the offering, it is finally also possible to buy the actual MIOTA tokens. The result is a complete programme from which investors can benefit.

What are the fees for buying IOTA?

To make commissions comparable when buying IOTA, let’s take the following example:

  • We would like to buy 1,000 euros worth of IOTA
  • We would like to hold the IOTA for one month and then pay back in euros to our account.
  • For the sake of simplicity, let us assume that the rate does not change during the 30 days.

With this in mind, we now review the commissions of the major providers: eToro, Libertex and Plus500.






free of charge

free of charge

free of charge

Purchase price




Frais de participation

free of charge

free of charge


Selling price






free of charge


Total frais




IOTA wallets: Which wallets are useful for post-purchase storage?

And the need for an Iota wallet? Cryptocurrencies are characterised by the fact that they are managed in this type of digital wallet.

Without an e-wallet, one will have no way to manage, send or receive cryptocurrencies. Therefore, anyone who wants to own iota will have no choice but to look for a wallet provider.

As some criteria beyond the scope of this article need to be taken into account, here is the link to the portfolio comparison:

By the way: eToro and many other brokers offer an integrated wallet, so that beginners can rely on it for the time being. If investment amounts increase later on, we recommend a hardware or software wallet.

Is it possible to buy IOTA offline?

There are certainly those who are interested in the MIOTA token, but want to refrain from an online trade. So, of course, the question arises whether it is also possible to buy IOTA offline.

Unfortunately, this is not easily possible. After all, it is a digital currency that is not stored in a safe. Rather, a wallet is needed to store the value digitally.

So if you are wondering whether it is possible to buy IOTA offline, you will be sadly disappointed.

Buy IOTA with Paypal: Where to buy IOTA with Paypal

If you use a suitable broker, you can make use of a wide variety of payment methods. Particularly popular at the moment is undoubtedly the PayPal service.

We don’t want to say too much about this, after all, we have produced our own PayPal Guide to IOTA which explains how to buy IOTA with PayPal.

Let’s reveal just this: eToro is the big test winner among cryptocurrency brokers and has PayPal in addition to credit cards, instant bank transfer and other payment methods.

Is it possible to buy IOTA anonymously?

You don’t always want everyone to know about your personal financial transactions. So you are always faced with the question whether you always have to give your details or in other words: is it possible to buy IOTA anonymously?

Of course, we do not want to exclude the possibility that you find one or another platform on the Internet. In this case, you would only have to enter your cryptographic address and receive the MIOTA tokens.

However, we strongly discourage such offers. Since the industry has not yet agreed on end-to-end regulations, it is very risky to conduct cryptocurrency transactions in this anonymous way.

There is simply no guarantee that you will receive the coins in the end.

Is it possible to buy IOTA without verification?

When we talk about verification, we automatically talk about security. The procedure of confirmation of personal data is requested by the European Union.

In fact, no financial service can do without verification. This not only enhances the security of the platform itself, but also serves to protect users and even to prevent international money laundering.

You may discover offers where it is possible to buy IOTA without verification. However, it should be stressed again that security comes first in personal finance.

Meanwhile, processes via PostIdent or OnlineIdent are so fast that they can be completed within minutes.

Is it possible to buy IOTA without registering?

As already highlighted in the previous paragraph, security is elementary when trading and buying cryptocurrencies. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to comply with the applicable guidelines and complete a registration.

If you don’t register, in the end you have no chance of success, even if you make a mistake.

Without your own profile, you will not be able to prove anything and, especially on platforms that do not require registration, you are unlikely to find many contacts.

Therefore, although it is possible to buy IOTA without registering, we advise you: stick to reputable offers such as eToro.

IOTA historical quotes: Important milestones in the history of IOTA

The cryptocurrency has already had some ups and downs. We show the most important milestones in IOTA’s history.

  1. June 2017: Bitfinex is the first crypto-exchange where you can buy IOTA. The entry price is €0.64 per MIOTA.
  2. Autumn 2017: The first industrial companies, such as Bosch and Volkswagen, are interested in IOTA, which pushes the price up to just under €0.80.
  3. 19 December 2017: IOTA reaches all-time high of €4.81
  4. April 2018: The first IOTA charging station is installed in the Netherlands. The practicality test pushes the price up to just under €2 in spring 2018.
  5. December 2018: an investment by Bosch drives the price of IOTA up by more than 50% overnight: from €0.19 to €0.33.
  6. May 2019: Coordicide technical application maintains confidence, price just below €0.40
  7. Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020: IOTA calms down, price stabilises around 0.25 euros
  8. 13 March 2020: IOTA reaches an all-time low of EUR 0.0715
  9. Summer 2020: Since then, the currency has gradually stabilised, and since March the price has risen steadily back to around 0.25 euros.

What is the current cost of 1 IOTA?

TradingView COURSES

Let’s leave the past aside for now. Let’s click on the current prices. Use the ticker above to find out what 1 IOTA token currently costs and compare the price directly with other cryptocurrencies.

How to sell IOTA again: Our eToro Guide

If you have followed our guide, one day you will have to think about selling IOTA again.

At eToro, this can be done in two ways, depending on the trading channel you have chosen before.
So let’s take a look at the process of how to sell MIOTA again.

First step: register with eToro

At this point, we will assume that you already have an eToro account. If this is not the case, please scroll back to our registration guide.

Enter your username and password. You can also log in with your Facebook or Google account if you have linked them.

Step 2: Navigate to the trade window

First we see our summary page. However, we can navigate to the Iota trading window using the search field. So we type MIOTA and get to the corresponding page.

It is worth revisiting from time to time, as other users will comment on or share posts that may also be relevant to you.

Currently, we do not want to deal with this social trading, but sell Iota. To do so, please click on the “trade” button.

If you have not bought cryptocurrencies before, you can only sell them via CFD trading.

Optional: Send coins to the eToro wallet.

Another way to sell IOTA coins through eToro is through the wallet app. The process works a little differently here, but is self-explanatory.

We select MIOTA in the wallet and click “Send”. Now we just need to specify the recipient’s address and we can send the tokens that way. However, it should be noted that this is not a real sale, where you receive euros.

Alternatives to IOTA: buying other cryptocurrencies or shares

On various forums, people like to discuss how to buy IOTA shares. However, these interested traders are a bit ahead of their time.

Because to participate in the performance of the Berlin cryptocurrency, you actually have to settle for the tokens to date.

Does it make sense to invest in IOTA?

There are certainly good reasons to invest in IOTA. For Goldreward, the coin is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. However, guarantees can never be made in the volatile cryptocurrency market, so the investment remains highly speculative.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting cryptocurrencies as alternatives to IOTA.

Buy Bitcoin now

Without Bitcoin, the entire cryptocurrency market would not exist. It is not only the first cryptocurrency, but also the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in history. This has earned digital currencies the reputation of being a true store of value to this day.

Buy Cardano now

Cardano’s ADA coin development team is at least as hard-working as the Iota Foundation. Here, too, new updates ensure that its own network can address the weaknesses of other blockchains. In Cardano’s case, it is likely that smart contracts with extremely low fees will soon be possible.

Buy Ethereum now

The second most important cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is raising hopes, especially due to the DeFi movement. Numerous applications can be realised on the ETH blockchain.


Buy Ripple XRP now

Ripple has carved out a niche for itself in international payments. The cooperation with Banco Santander is expected to bear fruit soon. If the XRP token is able to prove its practical utility, the price is likely to rise.

Buy classic shares now

If the world of cryptocurrencies is too hot for you, then an investment in equities is recommended. In the long run, it is a good way to counteract the dangers of creeping inflation and the risk is manageable.

However, it is not said that there is no opportunity to buy IOTA shares in the future. In this regard, it is said, eyes and ears open, because the latest IOTA news, could already announce completely new investment opportunities. To be always up to date, it is worthwhile to regularly visit Goldreward News.

Alternative 1: IOTA shares

One option would be to invest in companies that have initiated cooperation with the IOTA Foundation. In this respect, Bosch, Volkswagen or Fujitsu, for example, would be relevant.

  • Bosch actions: Bosch is one of the first IOTA partners. In the meantime, Bosch has patented several IOTA-based applications.
  • Volkswagen shares: Volkswagen has also filed a patent based on IOTA that provides information about the vehicle’s status and software. But autonomous payment is also supposed to be possible, so that the car can pay for itself at the gas station (or charging station).
  • Fujitsu shares: Fujitsu uses the Tangle system to control its manufacturing. The CEO of Fujitsu Germany also sits on the board of the IOTA Foundation.
  • Telekom shares: Germany’s Telekom has also started its first IOTA trials.

Alternative 2: Opportunities in cryptocurrencies

Apart from that, there are other cryptocurrencies that definitely have potential:

  • Buy Bitcoin: The top dog among cryptocurrencies, it is considered by many to be the “digital gold” and one of the most stable cryptocurrencies.
  • Buying Ripple: With the support of many banks, Ripple is a good alternative to IOTA.
  • Buy Ethereum: Ethereum is the solution for smart contracts and takes a very similar approach to IOTA.

Alternative 3: CryptoShares

Another alternative is cryptocurrency stocks: chipmakers, mining companies and even the Bitcoin group have posted strong gains so far.

  • Bitcoin stocks: For those who think Bitcoin will overtake IOTA, Bitcoin stocks are a good option.
  • NVIDIA shares: NVIDIA produces important graphics chips especially for mining – if the cryptocurrency boom continues, NVIDIA is certainly a good investment.

How to buy IOTA 2020 – Frequently asked questions

How to invest in IOTA?

Basically, a distinction can be made between two trading methods: trading in derivatives (CFDs) or trading on online cryptocurrency exchanges. Investors would do well to orient themselves on their own ideas and motivations. The simple question “What do I want to achieve with the currency?” can already help to find the right provider. Accordingly, it makes a big difference whether you buy the currency or trade them as underlying assets of CFDs. In a separate guide, we have described the best way to invest in IOTA.

Can IOTA be bought with a credit card?

Options brokers allow deposits via credit cards. Coinbase is actually a service provider that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. Unfortunately, IOTA is not in Coinbase’s repertoire, but you could buy Bitcoin here to trade against IOTA on Binance.

Is IOTA trading with Paypal possible?

Yes, but only providers such as Plus500 offer Paypal as a payment method. Paypal’s buyer protection obliges the group to refund amounts in special cases. Since cryptocurrency transactions cannot be traced by third parties, Paypal is deliberately kept out of the market. We have created special instructions for trading crypto and IOTA with Paypal.

What is the difference between a MIOTA broker and a stock exchange?

Options brokers only use cryptocurrencies as assets, while exchanges allow direct trading of assets. So if you really want to buy IOTA, you will have to go through a crypto exchange. However, pure trading is also possible with providers like 24Option or similar service providers.

Will the value of IOTA continue to rise?

Only time will tell. The opinions of many experts diverge. However, through buy and sell orders, you can determine for yourself whether you prefer to bet on rising or falling prices. In the opinion of the editorial team, IOTA is one of the most promising stocks for 2019. An intensive cooperation with the Volkswagen automobile company also guarantees a positive outlook.

Do I need an IOTA wallet?

Only if you really want to have the currency in your own wallet. After all, you can also trade through brokers without an iota wallet. If you use the services of the aforementioned Coinbase, then the digital wallet is already available on the platform. However, IOTA is missing from the platform’s repertoire. However, there are other online wallets, paper wallets and also hardware wallets that are suitable for managing, sending and receiving IOTA. Use our great comparison of gold reward wallets. Even better is the IOTA wallet comparison 2020.

Can I also use my Bitcoin wallet for MIOTA?

This depends on whether the wallet also supports iota. It is advisable to ask the respective provider. Basically, the choice of wallet service is of vital importance. More and more offers support multiple currencies.

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