Golem serves the decentralised management of computing power in the cloud. Users of the open source service can allocate their free computing power to users who need it and are paid for it with the GNT cryptocurrency.

Currently, Golem is still under development, so the sharing of computing power only works to a very limited extent. The Golem blockchain was launched in 2015.

Buy Golem: What to watch out for

How to buy Golem? This page is dedicated to the GNT token and a possible investment in the cryptocurrency. You should pay attention to the following points when buying Golem so that nothing goes wrong:

  • Where is the best place to buy Golem? We recommend the broker Libertex.
  • Do I want to keep Golem for the long term or actively trade? That depends on your own strategy.
  • How does a Golem portfolio work? Simply through Libertex.
  • Is Golem worth investing in? Golem definitely looks interesting for the future as well.

Buy Golem on Libertex in 3 steps:

For the sake of simplicity, we will assume in the following instructions that you want to buy Golem as a CFD. The difference: when buying Golem for real, you need a portfolio to buy Golem. Buying Golem via CFDs (Contract for Difference) makes the purchase much easier.

In addition, trading fees on Libertex are lower than buying real Golem on Binance.

If you want to buy your GNT Coins with Sofortüberweisung, no problem: in the following section you will find the corresponding instructions. Alternatively, you can buy GNT Coins at Libertex with a credit card and numerous other payment methods.

With Libertex you can start trading with Golem quickly and easily.

Stage 1 : Registration


In order to buy the GNT currency, you must first register. Follow our link and create your Libertex account. Simply enter your details in the registration form. After entering your details, you will receive an email with an activation link.

Click on the link in the email or copy it into your browser and your Libertex account will be activated.

You can also start with a demo account at Libertex if you are not ready to buy Golem for real.

Stage 2 : Dépôt


To proceed with the purchase of Golem you now have to deposit your money at Libertex. There are several payment methods available at Libertex (unfortunately, it is only possible to deposit with Paypal)

Method of payment


Letters of credit












virement bancaire




Tip: With Libertex a minimum deposit of €10 is already sufficient, which makes the broker our favourite broker to buy Golem.

Step 3: Buy Golem

Once your deposit has reached your Libertex account, you will finally be able to buy Golem on Libertex.

To do so, simply select the Golem (GNT/USD) trading pair and open your position by clicking on the Buy button.

Now you can, if you wish, specify at what price you want to buy your Golem. Select “Limit” above the input mask and enter the desired price. Then click on “Buy GNT“. As soon as the market value you have set is reached, your money will automatically be exchanged for Golem (GNT).

You can also use the current market price. Instead of clicking on “Limit”, simply click on “Market” and then “Buy GNT”. Your GNT should then appear in your balance in a while.

To invest or not in Golem?


Anyone investing in Golem should be aware that this application is still at a very early stage. This may mean that current prices may look like a bargain in retrospect once Golem is well developed and finds widespread application.

Until that time, price developments will depend primarily on general market developments. Only the conclusion of promising partnerships could provide Golem with remarkable growth at an early stage, irrespective of Bitcoin’s price development. According to its own statements, the company is already striving for such partnerships.

It should be noted that the service promised by Golem does not necessarily require blockchain. In the gaming sector, other service providers are already being launched that, for example, allow more graphically complex games to be seamlessly streamed to low-powered computers with a good internet connection.

Golem would have it that it also allows individuals to monetise their unused computing power. It is possible that the company is preaching to the choir.

A lot can happen before Golem is ready for the market in 2022. But according to the great cryptocurrency oracle, Golem is not a Shitcoin.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in Golem

  • A convincing business model
  • Large team
  • Good entry point
  • open source
  • The product is not ready for the market
  • No major partners yet

What are the rates for buying Golem?

Take the following example when buying Golem:

  • We would like to buy 1.000€ in Golem coins
  • We would like to keep our Golem for 30 days and then pay back in euros to our account.
  • For the sake of simplicity, let us assume that the rate does not change during the 30 days.

With these assumptions, we now turn to the charges of our test winner:




free of charge

Purchase price


Frais de participation

free of charge

Selling price



free of charge

Total frais


Golem share price: Important moments in Golem’s share price performance

Golem has had its share of ups and downs since its 2015 ICO. We show the highlights of Golem Coin’s past:


  1. 2015: Golem has its ICO and trades for the first time on an exchange for €0.014.
  2. February 2017: Golem price rises to €0.025 following the cryptocurrency bull run of 2017.
  3. June 2017: Golem’s share price soars to €0.58, but falls back to €0.17 as a correction.
  4. January 2018: on 08.01.2018 Golem reaches an all-time high of €1.05 during the cryptocurrency bull run.
  5. June 2018: Golem tries to recover from a price crash when the bubble burst and briefly rises 300%, but immediately falls again.
  6. December 2018: Golem reaches its then all-time low of €0.04 during the cryptocurrency “winter”.
  7. June 2019: Golem rises to €0.094 per coin in summer 2019, but falls again.
  8. March 2020: During the Corona Epidemic, the Golem reached a new all-time low (0.02 euro per coin) after the coin rose to 0.062 euro in March.
  9. August 2020: In the current bull run, Golem stands at €0.071 per coin – An all-time high since the 2018 bull run.

Buy Golem with or without wallet?

Since, for example, you can also have Golem on eToro, a wallet is not absolutely necessary. However, it is recommended to have your own wallet for security reasons, so that you are not too dependent on your exchange.

Golem is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard and is therefore compatible with Ethereum wallets. We recommend the ETH wallet MyEtherWallet. The service guides you step by step through the easy handling of the wallet. The use of especially secure hardware wallets, for example from Ledger or TRAZOR, is also possible with MyEtherWallet.


In theory, Golem is an exciting, promising and ambitious project, but in practice it has yet to prove whether it can hold its own in the market in the face of emerging competitors. This also depends on whether Golem manages to close relevant partnerships in the near future.

Buy Golem: Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in Golem?

Currently, investments in Golem are only possible in Bitcoin or Ethereum. No other payment methods are available.

We recommend using the Binance or Bittrex cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Golem. We have explained in detail how to do this above.


Can I buy Golem with a credit card?

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to buy Golem with a credit card on any cryptocurrency exchange that we are aware of.


Is Golem trading with Paypal possible?

No; moreover, buying Golem with Paypal is not possible at the moment to the best of our knowledge.


What is the difference between a broker and a stock exchange?

Options brokers only use cryptocurrencies as assets, while exchanges allow direct trading of assets.

So if you really want to buy Golem, you will have to go through a crypto-exchange.


Will Golem’s value continue to rise?

That depends on whether Golem is able to stand up to the competition, meet deadlines and attract relevant partners.


Do I need a Golem wallet?

Not necessarily. If you buy Golem on Bittrex, for example, you can keep your GNT there. We still recommend a MyEtherWallet wallet, for example.

Can I use my ether wallet?

This depends on whether the wallet is also compatible with Golem. It is advisable to ask the respective provider. For the provider MyEtherWallet this is possible in any case.


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