Ethereum is often referred to as the number 2 of all cryptocurrencies. It also uses the blockchain and a decentralised network.

The system mainly deals with so-called smart contracts, i.e. contracts that conclude themselves. has once examined how to buy Ethereum quickly and easily.

Buy Ethereum: What should you look for to buy cheap and safe Ethereum?

You can buy Ethereum in different ways. Here are some things to pay special attention to when buying Ethereum:

  • Where is the best place to buy Ethereum? Ethereum is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies out there. Consequently, all you have to do is go to a cryptocurrency exchange or broker and you can start trading or buying from here. We have already researched the best offers and that’s why we recommend our test winner, eToro.
  • Do you want to hedge Ethereum or speculate on the price? That depends on your own strategy. Hodln refers to token storage. Simply store the coins in a wallet and wait to see how prices evolve. Again and again, Hodler also assumes that one day digital currencies will actually be usable. Even then, of course, you are happy to have the coins at your disposal. However, those looking to make a quick buck will try to speculate.
  • How does an Ethereum wallet work? The ETH wallet serves as a great management point for the cryptocurrency. From here, you can send or receive tokens. In this way, you will also get your own individual address via your Ethereum wallet, which will be used for all transactions from now on. Users should note that if they lose their password, they will lose access to the digital wallet entirely. The eToro wallet, which is connected to the regular account, is somewhat more secure.
  • Is Ethereum worth investing in? Ethereum is one of the most promising currencies in 2021. Proponents praise the price prospects on the one hand, but also the benefits that come through smart contracts on the ETH blockchain. So, unlike Bitcoin, the Ethereum network offers many more practical use cases. This could also contribute to investment success.

Where to buy cheap Ethereum? Our comparison of brokers and exchanges – Buy Ethereum with the lowest commissions


How to buy Ethereum with euros in Germany? Buy the Ethereum Beginners Guide with eToro

Next, we will show you how to buy Ethereum easily. We use eToro for this because you can buy both real cryptocurrencies and CFDs here – Etoro combines the advantages of a crypto broker and a crypto exchange.

First step: register with eToro

First, we need to register with eToro. To do this, click on the link to register with eToro:

In the registration form we enter our user name, e-mail address and password and accept the terms and conditions:

We then receive a verification email in which we click on the link to confirm our account.

Step 2: Topping up the account

The next step is to make our deposit to buy Ethereum. To do this, we click on the “Deposit money” button on eToro:

Next, we select the amount and the payment method we want to deposit with, and then click on the “Submit” button to deposit the amount.

Buy Ethereum with PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and more

In our example we show a credit card purchase. However, eToro offers other deposit methods:

Payment option

Is it possible?

Buy Ethereum with a credit card


Buy Ethereum with PayPal


Buy Ethereum with SOFORT bank transfer


Buy Ethereum with Rapid Transfer


Buy Ethereum with Skrill


Buy Ethereum by bank transfer


Buy Ethereum with Neteller


Buy Ethereum with UnionPay


Step three: Buy Ethereum online with euros

Once we have funded our account, we can buy Ethereum. To do this, click on the search box at the top and enter “Ethereum”.

We then click on the “Trade” button:

The purchase window will then open:

  1. Buy or sell: In our case we have to set it to “buy”.
  2. Operation or order: Here we can choose whether we want to execute the operation immediately (operation) or deferred (order).
  3. Quantity: How much Ethereum do we want to buy?
  4. Stop Loss and Take Profit: At what loss or profit our position should be automatically sold.
  5. Leverage: With which leverage we want to buy Ethereum. With leverage X1 we buy real Ethereum, with leverage X2 we buy leveraged Ethereum CFDs.

Once we have configured all the options, we click on the “Open transaction” button to complete the purchase.

The Ethereum purchase has been completed!

Buying Ethereum with euros in Germany: Is there a difference in Switzerland and Austria?

Now, it is true that we have ignored in the instructions above that you can also buy ETH in other German-speaking countries. But we do not want to forget our readers in Switzerland and Austria.

The good news is that you can also use our Ethereum Guide as Swiss or Austrian. EToro is also available in Alpine countries.

Now one or the other may wonder whether there are no restrictions in different countries on the Ethereum network. However, it has to be said that the decentralised idea behind many cryptocurrencies means that country borders are almost forgotten.

So it does not matter at all for the technology where the user is located, as long as it can display an Ethereum address. However, one difference can be found for Germany, Austria and Switzerland: the tax issue.

Each financial authority considers an investment in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum on a completely individual basis. It is also conceivable that a lot will happen in this regard in the coming years.

Therefore, be sure to check with your tax advisor on how to report such an investment on your tax return.

Buy Ethereum on, Coinbase, Binance, Bison and Comdirect – Why we alternatively recommend eToro

Therefore, for the purchase of Ethereum you can claim a wide variety of offers. Let’s take a look at the most important and popular providers.



First of all, there is The platform is not as modern as other offerings, but at least it has Ethereum in its repertoire. The site is entirely designed for German users, which certainly speaks for itself.

The security standards are high and everything else is fairly easy to use. However, there are a few things that bother us about and Ethereum. You can buy ETH, but hardly any other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can only create a limited portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

If you want to get your coins quickly, you can only make a deposit with the help of Fidor Bank. So we would have liked a bit more independence.


Coinbase is a US provider. The cryptocurrency exchange was practically the first of its kind and is therefore considered a true veteran of the industry. Ethereum is also available here, as well as many other tokens.

The design is modern and the usability is absolutely given even for beginners. The only thing that bothers us is the fee structure, which is quite significant, especially for credit card payments.



Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange. So if you want to have a great selection on everything, then it is here. Meanwhile, there is also the Binance Coin, which can be traded as a medium of exchange in itself. This is under the abbreviation BNB.

With all this positive news, you should not forget that this is not an EU-regulated offer. Therefore, only trust a Chinese provider behind the platform.



The Bison app is interesting because the Stuttgart stock exchange is behind it. It is therefore probably the first German crypto app. But here, too, the fact that only five cryptocurrencies are offered must be criticised.

In addition, the application is limited to deposits by bank transfer.



This is a brief overview looking at various Ethereum providers. It should be clear to readers why we recommend eToro.

The reasons are largely obvious: an EU licence, diverse assets with a good selection of cryptocurrencies, variable payment methods such as PayPal or Sofortüberweisung and a mobile app.




What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency of our time. Unlike Bitcoin, the ETH blockchain is designed for applications. This allows developers to place so-called smart contracts on the network.

These smart contracts allow users to execute certain transactions fully automatically. The contract takes care of the confirmation of all data and therefore also provides a certain level of security.

So-called dApps are also important. They can take a variety of shapes and colours and are quite comparable to apps in the Google Play Store, for example.

For example, there are kitty trading cards, but also useful apps that are making waves especially in the financial sector. DeFi is the magic word here which we have covered in a separate DeFi post.

Thus, we can conclude the question “what is Ethereum” and refer to the other sources.


Should you buy Ethereum or not? Our reasons to buy

Should I buy ETH or not? First of all, the good thing is that you can profit from both falling and rising prices. However, it is important to act prudently and wisely in order to profit instead of looking at the red numbers.

Of course, there is no general recipe for success. The trader himself faces a challenge and must deal with his own demands, ideas and convictions in order to make informed trading decisions. So, should ether be incorporated into the portfolio as a long-term investment or does the trader plan the day-to-day operations?






Does it make sense to invest in Ethereum?

There are certainly good reasons to invest in Ethereum. For Goldreward, the coin is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. However, no guarantees can ever be made in the volatile cryptocurrency market, so the investment remains highly speculative.

However, if the positive outlook for the sector is correct, a return to past daily highs is likely in the future, which could open up unimaginable profit opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting cryptocurrencies as alternatives to Ethereum.


Buy Bitcoin now

Bitcoin is, of course, the big market leader among cryptocurrencies. The digital currency is now considered a proper store of value and is often referred to as digital gold.


Buy Cardano now

Cardano is something of a big competitor to Ethereum. The development team is working hard to create its own blockchain, which is also suitable for smart contracts. However, transactions are supposed to be significantly cheaper than with ETH.


Buy IOTA now

How about a successful cryptocurrency from Germany? Here’s IOTA, which always knows how to shine with surprising partnerships. Fujitsu, Dell, Intel? the list of players in the sector is impressive.


Buy Ripple XRP now

Ripple is undoubtedly popular, but is now considered a problem child in the industry due to disputes with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. However, this is exactly where the potential could lie, even if Ripple has to move away from the US.

Buy classic shares now

Ethereum is not a safe asset either. You can expect much more stability with regular stocks. We have summarised the most interesting stocks.


What is the current price of 1 Ethereum?

TradingView COURSES

Did you notice the ticker above? Here you can also find the current price of an Ethereum token. You can also calculate the price of ETH yourself using our Ethereum calculator.

Thanks to the unique tool on our website, you can not only find out the current rates, but also set individual amounts and thus easily calculate possible fees, costs or refunds yourself.

Buy or sell Ethereum? Our pros and cons analysis

There are a few reasons to buy Ethereum. However, we don’t want to forget the critics who are against an investment.

However, the opinion of Goldreward’s editorial team is clear. Ethereum is and remains one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies on the market. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that it is clearly more established than many other currencies.

The blockchain is widely used for various DApps and smart contracts. Hardly any other digital currency can present such a benefit. Especially in the field of decentralised finance (DeFI), Ethereum comes out on top in this respect.

If applications also manage to establish themselves in the long term, a large user base will be revealed to the entire network, which should help the value of the blockchain itself to continue to increase.

  • 2nd largest cryptocurrency
  • DeFi hype could blow Ethereum out of the water
  • Realistic application scenario with a potentially huge target group
  • Support from experienced founders such as Vitalik Buterin
  • Ethereum remains highly undervalued compared to Bitcoin
  • Lack of regulation of cryptocurrencies
  • General risk of cryptocurrency investments

However, of course, we should not forget the downside. Cryptocurrencies in general remain largely unregulated. Only gradually legislators are reacting and creating rules, but also limits.

The process may even go so far that one day central bank currencies will make their way into the market. It remains to be seen whether this will also have negative consequences for Ethereum. However, the question of regulation is a risk factor in any case.

If you also look at the price trends of almost all digital currencies, one thing is clear: Volatility determines what happens. If you are at this point, you have to reckon with the fact that there will be a huge drop in prices very soon and very quickly.

Of course, it is impossible to predict exactly what the future holds. However, Ethereum currently remains a subject of pure speculation.


Ethereum trading – Should I hold Ethereum for the long term or trade it for the short term?

So what is the best way to approach an investment? Investors would do well to be clear about their own investment objectives first.

This also gives rise to a strategy, which in turn determines whether the investment is designed for the long or the short term.

If you have already had several experiences in trading, you can definitely consider betting on short-term trades in particular. With them, you can profit from both rising and falling prices.

If you are pursuing a short-term strategy, then CFDs may be of interest, which we will describe in more detail in the course of this article.

Do you believe in the long-term success of Ethereum and want to be part of it? Then, logically, you should prefer a somewhat slower strategy. Under certain circumstances, you can count yourself among the so-called hodlers.

These are investors who buy Ethereum and then leave the coins in the wallet. Only after a few months, or even years, should they make a real profit or sell back at a large profit.

In the end, of course, this will only succeed if Ethereum is able to prevail over its main competitors.


Commissions when buying Ethereum

Let’s take the following example to compare the commissions when buying Ethereum:

  • We bought Ethereum for €1,000.
  • We hold our Ethereum for 30 days and then sell it again.
  • We assume that the rate does not change for 30 days.

Below we show you how the following commissions are accrued at eToro, Coinbase and Plus500:






free of charge


free of charge

Purchase price




Frais de participation

free of charge

free of charge


Selling price






0.15 USD


Total frais












What are Ethereum CFDs (certificates)?

Especially on sites like these, which want to show a complete guide to an investment in Ethereum, there are always references to so-called CFDs.

You can also trade Ethereum on our test winner, eToro, using so-called Contracts for Difference. But before we start indiscriminately, it should be said that this is a financial product for advanced investors.

With them, the trader does not acquire an Ethereum token per se, but only a kind of option to buy or sell the currency. This financial product has a certain cost, but it has the advantage that you do not have to raise a dry sum to initiate the investment.

The result is that potentially much higher returns are possible. At the same time, however, the risks also increase. Our featured broker, eToro, allows its clients to buy real Ethereum coins as well as trade the cryptocurrency via CFDs.

Thus, one can store coins in the integrated wallet or actively trade and even take short positions without ever holding the digital currency.

Recently, several providers also offer certain cryptographic certificates. However, the offer here remains limited and is often predominantly based on Bitcoin.

Are you interested in learning more? Then we recommend you take a look at our article: Learn how to trade CFDs.

Buy Ethereum as CFD or real cryptocurrency?

We have already described that you should first define your personal investment objectives before investing. To do this, please also click on the section on long or short term investments.

That said, let’s review whether an ETH CFD or a real cryptocurrency makes more sense.

A CFD has the advantage that you do not have to pay the amount of an Ethereum token to speculate on the price. Meanwhile, you have to pay quite a lot to be able to call a single cryptocurrency your own.

This initial amount is not necessary with a CFD. After all, the currency is not purchased at all. In this sense, this asset is particularly suitable for price-oriented investors who are not too shy to trade more frequently and take into account shorter trading intervals.

But: the longer a CFD position is open, the more expensive it is. After all, overnight fees also had to be taken into account.

However, we recommend beginners in particular to buy Ethereum themselves. Even if you make a mistake in your investment decision, you still have at least a residual value, which is not the case with a CFD security. Here it is either a good return or a total loss.

Cryptocurrency should also be used for long-term oriented positions. In this way, it can be easily stored in your wallet and kept safe. Don’t forget your password.


Buy Ethereum Shares: Another Way to Invest in Ethereum

Have you heard of Ethereum shares? They allow you to invest in the cryptocurrency without having to buy the tokens yourself or perform risky CFDs.

One only needs to know which companies are involved in cryptocurrencies. One can also speculate that companies, which so far have mainly dealt with Bitcoin, could also incorporate Ethereum in the future.

Among the most interesting Ethereum stocks are PayPal, MicroStrategy and Blackrock. In addition, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is also currently working on an initial public offering, which could make a new Ethereum stock possible.

Buy a Paypal share now

Paypal unleashed a veritable wave of cryptocurrency purchases when the payments giant announced it would integrate cryptocurrencies into its app. If the offer is also used, Paypal will be able to profit as an Ethereum stock.

Buy software shares now

Software expert MicroStrategy is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, so to speak. Ethereum is also one of them. In any case, software with the ETH smart contract blockchain is a good combination.

Blackrock Action

Blackrock is one of the world’s largest asset managers. The investment firm has also recently announced its intention to invest in cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, Ethereum will also be part of the portfolio.


Ethereum price: Important moments in Ethereum price history

We now show the most historically interesting points in Ethereum’s share price:

  1. 2014: Ethereum trades at €0.64 on Coinbase
  2. June 2015: Ethereum’s price rises to €16.35 (up 1,600%) in the wake of the then cryptocurrency bull run of 2015.
  3. June 2017: Ethereum price soars to €325 and gains global attention for the first time.
  4. January 2018: On 12 January 2018, Ethereum reaches an all-time high of €1,183 during the cryptocurrency bull run.
  5. May 2018: Ethereum tries to recover from a price collapse when the bubble burst and briefly rises 100%, but immediately falls back.
  6. December 2018: Ethereum reaches its then all-time low of €83.13 during the cryptocurrency “winter”.
  7. June 2019: Ethereum rises to €274 per coin in summer 2019, but falls again.
  8. March 2020: During the Corona epidemic, Ethereum reached a new low (€106 per coin) after the coin rose to €241 in March.
  9. August 2020: In the current bull run, Ethereum stands at 348 euros per coin.

Trading Ethereum with or without a wallet?

For example, you can use the Ethereum wallet directly from the Ethereum Foundation or you can create a digital wallet as an online wallet from

But the test winner among the wallets is a bit of a surprise. Click here to see the great Ethereum wallet comparison.


Ethereum Buy Paypal: Where to buy Ethereum with Paypal

You can use several payment methods to invest in Ethereum. This includes the popular payment service provider PayPal. Recently, the company has announced its active entry into the cryptocurrency market.

However, it is still not too easy to use the service to buy Ethereum. We have studied the subject in depth and created our own PayPal Guide to Ethereum.

Here you can find out which offers are the most suitable for buying Ethereum with PayPal. But this is already revealed: the largest selection of payment options is offered by eToro.

Is it possible to buy Ethereum anonymously?

Cryptocurrencies have it so that investors are also always concerned about the issue of anonymity. So the question also arises whether it is possible to buy Ethereum anonymously.

Many things are possible in the market, but you should ask yourself how you want to get your chips and whether a little security would not be desirable in such deals.

Nowadays, almost all reputable platforms are equipped with so-called know-your-customer logs. They are supposed to prevent money laundering, for example, and to reinforce the overall security on the platform.

Of course, the purchase is no longer anonymous, because you have to enter your personal data. It is not uncommon that verification is also required.

However, you can discover some services in the vastness of the Internet that allow you to enter your Ethereum address and then simply pay to receive coins. However, it is by no means certain that you will receive the coins.

Again and again, fraud also happens with Ethereum, so it is best to stay away from the topic of buying Ethereum anonymously.

Is it possible to buy Ethereum without verification?

The issue of buying Ethereum without verification is the same. Again, confirmation of data is the basis for many brokers to offer services in the European Union.

So why would anyone want to leave this safe legal ground? Of course, we also know that verification always involves a minimum of effort.

However, the confirmation of the data is usually done online. So you have your identity card or passport ready and possibly also an address confirmation and the documents are uploaded or verified via webcam.

Therefore, buying Ethereum without verification is neither advisable nor sensible. It may be possible in individual cases, but we must warn against dubious offers.

Is it possible to buy Ethereum without registering?

However, let’s engage with the question of whether you can at least buy Ethereum without registering. Yes, you can.

However, you first need a seller who is willing to exchange Ethereum tokens for you independently. Once again, you need to be wary of third-party sellers.

Is this what you do when you have transferred your euros through various channels but then do not receive ETH coins in your wallet? In most cases, you can cancel your money.

But ask your acquaintances if there is anyone who wants to sell their cryptocurrencies. In this way, you will be able to close the deal at the current price and on the basis of justified trust.

Cash, other cryptocurrencies, PayPal or even a conventional bank transfer are suitable as means of payment. It is thus possible to buy Ethereum without registering.

Is it possible to buy Ethereum offline?

Can Ethereum be bought offline? Of course you can. All you need is a seller. Although cryptocurrency vending machines already exist in several countries, they are usually limited to bitcoin and are only available in small quantities.

Therefore, it might be difficult to buy Ethereum offline. Just ask your acquaintances if there is someone with an interest in cryptocurrencies and possibly some ETH tokens.

Classified ads or all transactions with strangers are clearly inadvisable. They offer the supposedly simple offline purchase of Ethereum, but in the end they just collect the funds without transferring the tokens to you.

In any case, it is worth asking what is meant by offline at all. After all, the blockchain itself is a digital network that is online at all times. Every transaction is immortalised in this blockchain.

How to sell Ethereum again: Our guide for eToro

Sure, this page is predominantly about buying the cryptocurrency Ethereum. But what’s the best thing to do when prices conquer one high after another? You take advantage of the good mood to sell.

So let’s go over how to sell Ethereum again.

First step: register with eToro

First, log in to your eToro account. If you don’t already have one, follow our guide above to learn more about registration.

Login works with username and password.

Step 2: Navigate to the trade window

Now we can type the abbreviation ETH in the corresponding search box. This will open the Ethereum trading window. By clicking on the “trade” button, we can specify how many tokens should be sold.

Please note that there is a difference between real cryptocurrencies and CFDs. If you don’t already own Ethereum Coins, you can still sell by taking a short position. This can be done with a CFD.

However, if you have already deposited Ethereum coins in the account, you can also sell the cryptocurrency itself.


Optional: Send coins to the eToro wallet.

Want to know how to send your tokens to eToro in the first place? Read more about it in our eToro Wallet Guide.

Conclusion of the Ethereum purchase

Whenever you buy Ethereum, you should always check if they are licensed platforms. If not, you may have little chance of getting your money back after making a deposit.

For this we recommend our test winner, eToro: It is a licensed provider, which offers the best conditions for buying Ethereum!

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