Cryptocurrency Buying Guide 2021

One of the most burning questions in the cryptocurrency industry is how to buy the various cryptocurrencies.

It seems as if more and more cryptocurrencies are flooding onto the market and as a simple Bitcoin trader, you are initially on your own in this context.

Even experienced traders, however, who are getting to grips with cryptocurrencies for the first time, might not find it exactly easy to figure out the ways in which tokens can be obtained.

Buy Cryptocurrencies: What Should You Look Out For?

  • Is it still worth buying cryptocurrencies today? Provided that prices rise, buying at the current time is of course sensible. However, there are of course risks that cannot be dismissed out of hand. Nevertheless, the crypto market has often been talked to death and could subsequently convince with new rallies.
  • Where is the best place to buy cryptocurrencies? We have a clear test winner for trading with cryptocurrencies: eToro not only has a free wallet, but also allows trades with CFD securities as an alternative.
  • What is the best cryptocurrency? The cryptocurrency market is now immense. It is possible that in the future a coin will bring the best returns that is currently only in the design phase. So far, Bitcoin can be described as the most successful digital currency, as it has been able to attract new users over a long period of time.
  • Are there risks when buying cryptocurrencies Of course. In fact, you always have to plan for a possible total loss in this industry. Traders should therefore never invest their entire capital in digital currencies. has dealt with the various cryptocurrencies and created instructions for buying cryptocurrencies. Through an uncomplicated step-by-step guide, it should not be difficult for beginners to enter the world of crypto trading.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies Seriously? Our Cryptocurrency Buying Platform Comparison:

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies? Our Five-Step Guide:

Time Needed : 00 days 00 hours 05 minutes

The following step-by-step guide is designed to help one complete the steps to buy online currency. We have also created a video in case you don't want to read the article:

  1. Choose Provider

    First of all, you choose a suitable provider. This decision should be based on your own preferences and trading ideas. If you are not interested in setting up wallets and possibly do not intend to make any real use of the tokens, you can get everything you need from providers like eToro.

    However, if you are a savvy crypto investor who is only too happy to equip your portfolio with the coins, you will hardly be able to avoid a real crypto exchange.

    A comparison of the different providers can help one find the best offer. In fact, the choice of the right platform is very important and should not be underestimated.

    User-friendliness and usability may therefore have a direct impact on personal trading results. So if you pay the necessary attention here, you will be able to capitalize on this in the end. We recommend our test winner eToro, as it offers the best conditions.

  2. The First Registration

    The registration procedures on the crypto exchanges are similar in many respects. Initially, you will probably only have to enter basic information in a form on the homepage. This usually includes first and last name, email address and date of birth.

    In some cases, you will also already choose a user name and define a password. Especially when assigning a password, make sure that you choose a secure string of characters. Some platforms will not allow weak passwords in the first place.

    Often, after this initial registration, you will have to check your email again to confirm your registration.

    Even if you do not have to provide all the information immediately, you can expect that you will have to provide further information in order to fully use a platform. This includes, for example, the personal address, but also information on the employment situation and income.

  3. Verification of the Data

    Withdrawals will probably only be possible once the data has been confirmed in a verification procedure (for example with IDNow). For this purpose, you should find an option to upload various documents in your own account.

    So to confirm one's identity, one will have to make and upload a copy of one's identity card or passport.

    Furthermore, due to European directives, a confirmation of the address will also be required. To verify this, it is best to use personal consumer invoices.

    Electricity, water and gas bills are particularly suitable for this purpose. Just make sure that you use a document with a current date on which the name is also clearly visible.

    It is difficult to generalise how long such a confirmation process will take in the end. This is because it depends on the processes at a provider as well as on the validity of the documents.

    Even if you can already make a deposit and conclude your first trades, the withdrawal will probably only be possible after verification.

  4. The Deposit

    Depending on the platform, you will find various deposit options. With crypto brokers in particular, you can expect to use all kinds of methods, including credit cards and bank transfers as well as other service providers.

    This makes it possible to buy cryptocurrencies with Paypal, Sofortüberweisung, UnionPay and other offers.

    However, pure crypto exchanges often only allow deposits via cryptocurrencies. Then you will have to use the address of the exchange for your deposit. As a rule, however, the respective provider should provide precise information about the necessary steps. After all, this is in the interest of the platform itself.

  5. Buy Cryptocurrencies Online Seriously At eToro

    Crypto brokers and exchanges are likely to be similar in this step. One will be able to choose from a selection of currency pairs and then view charts and statistics for the selected value.

    The exact trading functions depend on the provider used, but as a rule one will decide on a buy or sell order. Either you trade at the current market price or you give the platform the order to buy or sell at the desired price.

    Platforms like Coinbase work somewhat differently. They allow the direct purchase of the cryptocurrency. You simply select the desired cryptocurrency and should then be able to see the current price.

    If one agrees, then the cryptocurrency can be purchased quite easily. A certain similarity to exchanging money cannot be denied. You will therefore have to do without any great trading functions here. In some cases, you will also be able to define a desired price here, which will only execute the purchase when the price is reached.

    We recommend buying cryptocurrencies with our test winner eToro, as it is fully regulated and licensed in addition to offering the lowest fees.

Here is an overview of all the payment methods available at eToro:

Payment optionpossible ?
Buy cryptocurrencies with credit card 
Buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal 
Buy cryptocurrencies with SOFORT bank transfer 
Buy cryptocurrencies with Rapid Transfer 
Buy cryptocurrencies with Skrill 
Buy cryptocurrencies with bank transfer 
Buy cryptocurrencies with Neteller 
Buy cryptocurrencies with UnionPay 

Cryptocurrencies Buy Fees Comparison

Let’s take the following example to compare the fees when buying bitcoins:

  • We buy bitcoins for €1,000.
  • We keep our bitcoins for 30 days and then sell them on.
  • We assume that the rate does not change within 30 days.

Here’s how the following fees stack up at eToro, Coinbase, Libertex and Plus500:

Purchase costs0,75%1,49%3,08%*0,41%
Participation feesgratuitgratuit0,05%*gratuit
Selling expenses0,75%1,49%3,08%*0,41%
Payout5 USD0.15 USD1,9%gratuit
Total of the fees19,20€68,24€92,32€8,20€

Buy Cryptocurrencies in UK

Actually, not much more needs to be said about this, after all, the entire site more or less revolves around the topic of buying cryptocurrencies in Germany.

A German citizen should attach importance to an official regulation of the corresponding platform. It doesn’t have to be a licence from BaFin, but you should pay attention to EU regulation.

Our test winner eToro, for example, is based in Cyprus and is therefore controlled and regulated by the CySEC authority, whose protective umbrella extends to Germany. Here you can buy cryptocurrencies in euros and invest in a variety of currencies.

Buy Cryptocurrencies in Your Country

Your country has also long since tasted blood and want to participate in the crypto scene. In fact, more and more Bitcoin ATMs can be found in the Alpine country and bear witness to the high potential, which should make buying cryptocurrencies in Switzerland a no-brainer.

However, since such ATMs are only just emerging and are rarely available in the vicinity, it is once again advisable to go online. EToro is also available in your country available and can also offer the free wallet here.

Buy Cryptocurrencies in Europe

Austria is considered progressive in terms of digital currencies and can outdo its neighbour UK many respects. This is due not only to more liberal laws, but also to increased acceptance among the population.

Buying cryptocurrencies in Europe is not a challenge either. Even though there are significantly more Bitcoin ATMs in Austria than in other European countries, they can only be used if you either have crypto tokens or have at least set up a wallet.

However, whether you can also buy cryptocurrencies at these ATMs depends on the individual machine. In this respect, it is faster and not infrequently safer to stick to regular online offers. In Austria, we can recommend eToro.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency? Investment Methods

Within a very short time, you should now be able to access exactly the information that is essential for getting started in trading. Sure, you can simply open a Bitcoin account, but if you use the following instructions from, then in many cases you should be able to get to your first trade in just 10-15 minutes after reading them.

But let’s approach the topic step by step. After all, at the beginning you have to make a decision. How exactly do you want to participate in crypto trading?

1. Trading Cryptocurrencies with a Crypto Broker

Brokers represent a particularly accessible form of investment in cryptocurrency. The advantages are easily listed on one hand:

There is no need to set up a wallet. A simple bank account is sufficient as an access requirement. Leverage maximises profit with low stakes. In addition, profits can be made in trading even if the price of an investment falls.

This comes at a price: investors should be fully aware of the high risk of loss associated with CFD trading before deciding to trade this financial instrument. CFD trading is not suitable for every type of investor.

  • Crypto wallets not usually required
  • Bank account the only hard requirement for entry
  • Great profit potential with a manageable stake
  • Professional trading available to everyone thanks to the internet
  • No actual ownership of the chosen cryptocurrency
  • Partial trading only possible via CFDs
  • High risks of loss

2. Buy Cryptocurrencies on a Crypto Exchange

In order to buy real cryptocurrencies, however, you need other providers. At eToro, however, you can also buy real cryptocurrencies in addition to CFD trading.

Here you venture onto a trading platform where you cannot access the offer at all with real currencies. Deposits are therefore very often only possible with cryptocurrencies (at eToro, however, all common payment methods work). Without cryptocurrency, you will not be able to achieve much on many crypto exchanges.

The deposit is therefore possible via various online currencies. In fact, it is impressive how many cryptocurrencies are supported by crypto exchanges.

If you want to trade via the exchange platform, you cannot avoid setting up a corresponding wallet. After all, this is necessary in order to be able to complete the first step of the deposit. You also have to rely on the digital wallet for further crypto transactions and for the payout of the coins.

Once the basic requirements have been met, however, there is nothing more to do than to pay attention to the available currency pairs. Basically, you will find many different cryptocurrencies, but they can only be combined with certain other currencies.

So if you’re after particularly exotic assets, you’d do well to deposit primarily Bitcoin for your regular trading.

  • Large availability of online currencies
  • Partially also tradable currency pairs with euro
  • Various trading functions can be used
  • Deposits often only with crypto currencies
  • Sometimes lengthy verifications
  • Crypto wallet necessary

3. Buy Cryptocurrencies on Alternative Platforms

A welcome addition to the options presented are crypto platforms where you can buy the coins directly with a credit card. Other payment methods often include bank transfer. It is extremely important to only make such purchases if you are convinced of the seriousness and reputation of the offer.

One example of such an alternative platform is eToro. eToro is one of the largest companies of its kind and has its own CYSEC licence. In the opinion of the Goldreward editorial team, the platform is a good place to buy online currencies on a regular basis.

  • Online wallets often included in the offer
  • Buy cryptocurrencies in Germany with credit card or bank transfer
  • Dollar, Euro, Pound and more FIAT currencies can be accepted
  • Partly high fees
  • Limited availability of currencies

4. Buy Cryptocurrencies in the App

It feels like new financial apps are coming onto the market every day these days. Interestingly, more and more providers also have digital currencies on their radar. did the comparison and picked a big test winner. The mobile application from eToro has proven to be particularly versatile. On the one hand, it allows ordinary share trading, and on the other hand, speculation with the help of CFD securities.

The special thing is that you can also buy cryptocurrencies in the eToro app. These are then transferred to the broker’s free wallet.

It should have become clear that there are many different ways to buy or trade cryptocurrencies. When deciding for or against a provider, it is of course also important to pay attention to the fees.

5. Buy Cryptocurrencies With Wallet

Anyone who wants to add digital currencies to their portfolio is dependent on a so-called crypto wallet. This digital wallet is only not necessarily required if one switches to CFD positions and thus speculates exclusively on price developments.

Normally, however, interested parties should also have a wallet in mind. In our big comparison of the offers, eToro stands out once again, as you can buy cryptocurrencies in the wallet itself.

What’s more, it can be set up completely free of charge after you have completed your registration with eToro. Would you like a little more choice? Then feel free to ask in our big comparison of the best crypto wallets.

Can you Buy Cryptocurrencies at the Bank?

A few years ago, you would have been ridiculed for asking “can you buy cryptocurrencies at the bank? “you would have been laughed at. In the meantime, times have changed.

There are more and more offers that want to enable crypto purchases. Admittedly, the traditional banks are slow to follow suit. Bit by bit, there are individual Bitcoin ETFs, but you will hardly be able to run to the municipal savings bank to buy your cryptocurrencies at the bank.

Revolut and N26, for example, are taking a special approach in this respect by allowing their customers to buy cryptocurrencies as neo-banks.

Buy or trade cryptocurrencies?

1. Buy Cryptocurrencies

The question of buying a cryptocurrency is in itself more specific than it might first appear. Many use the word “buy” as a simple synonym for general trading. Especially in the world of online currencies, however, you have to look a little closer and consider the exact circumstances.

Only then can you make a conscientious decision in favour of an exchange or a broker. So if you really want to buy cryptocurrencies, you try to buy the cryptocurrency directly and then store it in an electronic wallet. In this way, you become the owner of this token.

Daily trading: Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

The purchase is therefore suitable for all those traders for whom it is important to actually own the value. In such a case, one naturally hopes for an increase in the value of the coin, but the utility of the respective coin is also important.

After all, a currency can be used for very specific things. So then, especially in the future, people will see a clear purpose in depositing the digital coins in their portfolio.

2. Trade Cryptocurrencies

The real crypto purchase is contrasted with the pure trading of cryptocurrencies. For this, you no longer need a digital wallet and you will not have to get any real currency units into your portfolio.

3. Speculate on Cryptocurrencies

Such trading works in many cases via so-called derivatives, i.e. CFDs or binary options. Such trading assets used the values of cryptocurrencies (or also of shares, commodities and real currencies) only as so-called underlying assets. The underlying asset is of central importance for trading.

Finally, you place a buy or sell order and try to make predictions about the future price trend. However, since you do not acquire the cryptocurrency itself, but only an option, relatively high returns can already be achieved through fairly low investments.

On the other hand, with higher earnings opportunities there is automatically also an increased risk. This, too, must be taken into account in this context.

Cryptocurrencies are probably the newest asset types that can be used in options trading. So if a trader mainly wants to take price developments into account and less wants to acquire the actual value, then registering with an options or CFD broker could be much quicker and less complicated than with a pure crypto exchange.

Incidentally, it is not possible to buy cryptocurrencies without registering.

In addition, you can find other payment methods and a crypto wallet is also not required. Thus, you may be able to buy cryptocurrencies with Paypal, but also with a credit card or other service providers, in order to be able to start trading.

The distinction between buying and trading currencies must therefore be made. Only then can one conscientiously decide on a provider that is most likely to be suitable for one’s own trading intentions.

Perhaps one or the other trader will have read something about so-called crypto robots. Regardless of whether one is investigating a Bitcoin Trader account or devoting oneself to Bitcoin Investor experiences, the whole thing should, if at all, only be perceived as an investment experiment.

After all, it is nothing unusual for providers like Bitcoin Loophole to be accused of fraud. Goldreward therefore recommends investing with the regulated platforms presented here.

Which Cryptocurrency to Buy for 2021? Which Cryptocurrency has a Future?

The questions about the best type of trading and the best online exchange for crypto trading are difficult to answer. But once you’ve got them out of the way, the next step is to make an even more difficult decision: Which cryptocurrency to buy?

The available cryptocurrencies continue to increase. And 2019 in particular has shown that you are not always well advised to follow pure speculation and big headlines.

In this context, you would do well to take a closer look at the available cryptocurrencies. Now we present the (in our opinion) best cryptocurrencies with a future, so that you know exactly which cryptocurrency you should buy.

Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In?


Although it is still likely to be very speculative, there are some clues that could lead one to the promising cryptocurrencies. IOTA is one of these cryptocurrencies.

Current forecasts often contain positive assessments, as the cooperation with the Volkswagen car company is expected to yield a lot. The Iota technology is thus to become a mass product and prove its usefulness in vehicles.

If this does indeed bring us one step closer to the intelligent car of the future, then this should certainly be beneficial for the value of the online currency.

2. Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM)

If one takes cooperation with companies as a yardstick for deeper forecasts of an online currency, then one should also take a look at Stellar Lumens.

Stellar Lumens pursues a completely different approach in terms of its benefits than, for example, the aforementioned IOTA, as it wants to specialise in currency transactions. The aim is to simplify international transactions.

In addition, it is possible to anchor so-called smart contracts in the blockchain. This concept has proven so attractive for the chip manufacturer IBM that it has decided to cooperate with Stellar Lumens. So here, too, a world-class corporation promises itself advantages for the business of the future.

3. buy Ripple (XRP)

Santander Bank is involved with Ripple. Ripple aims to make international transactions faster and cheaper. In this respect, it is similar to the Stellar Coins already mentioned.

Especially for transfers in foreign currencies, such blockchain technology can bring enormous time and cost savings.

If Santander Bank is indeed able to successfully transfer the Ripple cryptocurrency into its day-to-day business, then one can therefore also expect significant increases in value for this network.

Buy Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

Trading beginners often show great interest in the topic of crypto. At the same time, however, they have justified respect and sometimes even fear of investing. Beginners are therefore advised to start with a demo account before buying cryptocurrencies.

This is included free of charge in the eToro offer, for example. Here you can start with fictitious positions without any risk and therefore without fear. You can start with regular crypto tokens, but also try out the more advanced financial products of CFDs.

The basic tip when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies for beginners is definitely: take it slow. Every investment comes with a risk and digital currencies in particular remain true to this principle.

All Cryptocurrency Buying Guides on Goldreward:

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  • Buy Tezos (XTZ)
  • Buy Tron (TRX)
  • Buy Verge (XVG)
  • Buy Waves (DEX)
  • Buy Zcash (ZEC)

Sell Cryptocurrencies

This page has dealt intensively with the subject of buying, but returns are only possible if you also sell the assets again.

When it comes to selling cryptocurrencies, nothing is more important than the appropriate exit time. Unfortunately, you often only know when that time has come afterwards. And so you should not let yourself be driven too much by greed, but define investment goals in advance.

Once the desired return has been realised, you can sell with a clear conscience. Do you already have cryptocurrencies and are looking for a suitable platform to get rid of them profitably? Then we can also recommend eToro here, as you can sell cryptocurrencies against euros in the wallet itself.

Buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal without verification

We have dealt in detail with the topic of PayPal and crypto. We found out that a wide variety of digital currencies can now be bought and traded via different channels.

However, anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal without completing a verification will be disappointed. On the one hand, pretty much every regulated and reputable broker and even crypto marketplace requires verification of its customers. On the other hand, the PayPal account itself must of course also be confirmed.

And so the topic of buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal without verification must be given a clear rejection.

Buy Cryptocurrencies with PayPal Without Registration

You want it anonymous? The days of great anonymity are basically over in the field of cryptocurrencies. Individual tokens such as Monero have made it their business to disguise the identities and transactions on their blockchains much better than Bitcoin, but you still have to get hold of the coins first.

If you also want to use PayPal to buy cryptocurrencies, you will have to register. On the one hand, the PayPal account must be set up and on the other hand, an account with the respective platform. Alternatively, you could simply find a known seller to carry out the trade with him via PayPal.

However, such a deal would happen on a purely trust-based basis. In this respect, caution is advisable, as the crypto industry is widely known for its high level of fraud.

Conclusion has summarized the most important information about buying cryptocurrencies in Germany. In step-by-step guides, every interested investor can get to an account on crypto exchanges, stock exchanges, brokers and other platforms within 15 minutes. This is how to find a good opportunity to invest in cryptos.

However, it is up to the trader to decide which form of trading is suitable for him or her. The instructions cover a wide range of cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, etc.) and present the platforms that are suitable for buying cryptocurrencies.

Especially with Bitcoin, there are many ways to buy the cryptocurrency, for example at eToro, Coinbase or Bitfinex. The investment experiment at eToro is worth a recommendation according to the editors of

It combines simple trading with flexible deposit methods, a fair minimum deposit of €200 and high potential returns.

Many of the platforms presented manage cryptocurrencies for their users. In some cases, however, you will still want to have your own wallet. This enables flexible management of one’s own portfolio.

However, modern providers (such as eToro) now allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card and then manage the cryptocurrencies directly on the platform.

Buy Cryptos 2021 – FAQs

  1. Where can I buy cryptocurrencies?

    On the one hand, you can use a crypto broker to trade cryptocurrencies. As a rule, however, you do not gain direct possession of the coins. On the other hand, you can exchange cryptocurrencies on pure crypto exchanges. Here, however, you usually already have to have a wallet and a currency. Alternative platforms, such as Coinbase, allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with real money. But the first brokers, such as eToro, are also following suit.

  2. Do I always need my own wallet?

    If you actually want to own the coin, you must have a suitable wallet.
    However, some brokers now offer online wallets.

  3. Which cryptocurrency suits me?

    In the meantime, there are countless coins. However, if you are just starting to deal with cryptocurrencies, you should first invest in the big ones in the industry. Bitcoin, Ethereum or Iota can make it easy to get started, as they can be traded on many platforms and are supported by most wallets.

  4. Can you buy cryptocurrencies via app?

    Many brokers now also offer very functional apps with which you can buy cryptocurrencies. There are also various wallets for tablets and mobile phones so that you always have your coins with you and can make smaller payments.

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