A Universal Reward System

Reward your customers, users, members, tournament participants and staff with a token that has an infinitely increasing value while we provide you with intelligent user and competitor tailored analytics for better business.


Gold Reward Token

is an ERC20 token based on the ethereum protocol.

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How Gold Reward Works

GRX serves three main functions -

  • a high value reward coin;
  • a gamification technology and
  • fuel for an intelligent analytics engine.
The future we see is one in which GRX drive most mobile device assisted consumer centered systems like travel, games, sports, health etc

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Road Map

Nov/Dec 2017

Commence GRX lending, binary team and exchange services

January 2018

Commence GRX Staking service

March 2018

Deployment of GRX gamification API

April 2018

Development of Business integration platform interface and strengthen partnership with app developers

August 2018

Deploy Gold Reward Android and IOS App

Jan - Dec 2019

Introduce the first GRX gamification device and online gadget store

Continuous product expansion


The goal of Gold Reward is to boost human output by rewarding efficiency using gamification principles. The vision we see is one in which GRX will be integrated with apps and devices to encourage and enhance usage by rewarding users for their effort. In the future Gold reward will also provide custom GRX powered devices tailored for this purpose.